Testimonial From Client in Los Altos

Happy Client in Los Altos “I can’t believe the difference in the look of the property…I’m convinced it helped me to move the property quickly…This one day “NO-SANDING” refinishing service can’t be beat. Thanks to your professional technicians.”Terrie Masuda – Coldwell

Will Your Hardwood Floors “Last a Lifetime”?

Whether you just bought a beautiful Bay Area loft with classic hardwood flooring, or you’re doing a major remodeling job — ripping out carpeting and laying in new hardwood flooring — you want to enjoy longevity, ease of use, and minimal maintenance costs.

How “Dust-Free” is Dust-Free Refinishing, Anyway?

We searched long and hard to find the most powerful, cutting-edge dust containment system, and we’re convinced that the “Atomic Trailer” system is best of breed. This extraction system succeeds at eliminating 99% of dust created during the sanding process.