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2012 Floor Design Trends: Asian Invasion? Zen Spa? Something Else Entirely?

2012 is knocking at our door, and home and condo designers throughout the Bay Area are searching for the next best trends in flooring.

Our nation – and in particular, the Bay Area – seems to be on a perpetual “green trip.” We are obsessed with eco-friendly products, ideas, and trends, and chronic issues like global climate change feed this focus. Expect a lot of renewable materials, like wool, cork, bamboo, natural felt and bio-based carpet fibers (some are made of corn sugar). Mohawk Floorscapes manufactures some very interesting green products made of random materials, such as recycled soda bottles.

Forward thinking

Flooring experts expect that 2012 will see a return to Asian-inspired configurations: hand scraped hardwood floors, Zen Spa like porcelain tiles, minimalist bamboo floors, and a general uncluttered and “Feng Shui” starkness.
Along those lines – and related – we may see a return to at the Art Deco aesthetic. Picture teak, porcelain, honey-colored hardwoods, slate, pewter tiles, etc. You get the picture.

Of course, your flooring aesthetic will depend intimately on the nature of your space, your personality, your living conditions (e.g. do live with toddlers, or are you a swinging single?), your desire to adhere to the fashion foibles of the day (versus your need for iconoclasm), your budget, whether you have allergies or not, and your furniture and neighborhood.

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Trends in Hardwood Flooring for 2012: Exciting (and Surprising!) Innovations…

 Let’s face facts: You are a hardwood floor aficionado.

You can abide by carpets in certain situations – under very carefully controlled circumstances. But you prefer the beautiful, clean, hardwood floor look. Whether you are remodeling your East Bay condominium, gutting and restoring a beautiful old San Francisco area mansion, or simply looking for fun and cool tips to make your floors “pet, child and teenager proof,” here are some 2012 flooring trends: (more…)

Why Bother to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors in Time for the Holidays?

Unbelievably, “that time of year” approaches again.

It’s holiday season, and your relatives, friends, new additions, and possibly some surprise guests will, very soon, be heading your way for a yummy home cooked meal, companionship, and gift giving. In the hustle and bustle to “get everything ready” for Thanksgiving and the December holidays, you need to prioritize. Your time is limited, as are your financial resources and your ability to focus.

Why on earth, then, would you bother spending the time, energy, and money to refinish your floors before the celebrations begin?

There are many good reasons. Not every homeowner or condo owner should spend the time/resources. But you might be surprised at the psychic space, comfort and coziness, and satisfaction that finishing this job will give you.

Here are three reasons why to act now:

1. A neat home is a welcoming home.

Isn’t this the one time of the year where you can really “get all the family together”? Don’t you want to make the experience comforting and welcoming for everyone? Think of all the time and energy you put into preparing meals and beautifying your home – getting holiday decorations, putting up lights, and what have you. Imagine if you go through all that work, yet the aesthetic of your home is ruined because the floors look drabby, scarred, gummed up with gunk, etc.

2. Getting this nagging task done will free up your psychic resources.

There is a reason why you’re reading this article: deep down, you know that you need to get your floors refinished. So why keep putting off the task? If it just sits there on your to-do list…all the way into 2012… imagine how much psychic energy and drag that will have on your general productivity and happiness. Just “pull off the band-aid” and get it done already!

3. Getting your floors refinished will cost you less, take less time and energy, and lead to more satisfaction than you may realize.

Scientists are only beginning to understand the dynamic and sophisticated ways in which our environments impact our happiness, satisfaction, and focus. A few small changes (provided that they are the right changes) can make all the difference.


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The Elegance of Hardwood Flooring

Whether you are upgrading from carpeting to hardwood, renovating a gorgeous old San Francisco loft, or simply comparison shopping in preparation for a mini renovation, you need to select the right flooring material for the job.

But what does that mean, exactly?

Absent the context of your job, budget, needs, and aesthetic purposes, the question of “what’s the best flooring material” is as meaningless as a question like “what’s the best car?” The smart rejoinder should be “what’s the best car for what?” Likewise, “what’s the best flooring material for what?” All that said, hardwood floors boast impressive properties that can be perfect for versatile types of work. Let’s look at these properties and custom-solve your flooring problems.

1. Durability

Depending on the woods you select, your maintenance scheme, humidity, wear and tear, etc, hardwood floors can last decades if not hundreds of years – longer than you will ever personally need to use your home!

2. Quality

Strong, pretty, durable hardwood floors can look just absolutely gorgeous. You can also embellish the flooring, personalize it, etc.

3. Great Investment

A National Wood Flooring Association survey recently found that homes that have wood houses sell for more money and sell faster than homes with other flooring types. After all, the neat, clean, and sumptuous aesthetic of hardwood floors appeals not just to you… but to most people.

4. Maintenance

Unlike carpeting, which can trap pollutants, allergens, dander, mites, dirt, dust, and stains, hardwood floors are far easier to maintain. And you need less equipment to do so.

5. Environmental benefits

Depending on the materials you use, the maintenance you employ, and other factors, hardwood floors can be a very “green” investment.

Getting customized help with your hardwood flooring needs

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Why Is Bamboo Flooring So Eco-Friendly?


–If you have been researching hardwood floor options, no doubt you’ve come across lots of articles that sing the praises of bamboo as a tremendously eco-friendly material. These are generally correct, but not necessarily so.


Bamboo is considered an eco-friendly option

Because bamboo flooring is technically a grass. Therefore, it regenerates in three to five years, far faster than typical timber. Horticulturists also believe that the harvesting bamboo can actually help improve growing conditions – much as carefully engineered, selective timber harvesting helps a forest grow. By removing old bamboo, more sunlight is allowed to reach the younger plants, helping stimulate and nurture the shoots.

Bamboo also has indirect environmental benefits.

When you install a hardwood floor, you don’t need to clean your floors as vigorously or as regularly as you might if you install carpeting. You could clean a bamboo floor with just a dry mop or broom; whereas you might need a more dramatic and potentially environmentally costly cleaning regimen if you go for carpeting.

Bamboo can also last a long time – 30 years or longer.

Depending on the construction job and care provided – and thus homeowners do not need to replace or refinish floors as often as they might otherwise. Any time you can avoid doing major construction, you save on environmental costs, including labor, machinery, pollution, debris created, etc.

Are you curious about bamboo floors?

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The Bamboo vs. Timber Flooring Dilemma: Which is Right for You?

-The Bamboo vs. Timber Flooring Dilemma: Which is Right for You?

Whether you are flooring a new home, apartment, or condominium, you have a big decision to make – whether to opt for bamboo or timber as your material of choice.

Odds are, several weeks or months ago, if someone had asked you about your preferred floor choice, you would have either given them a blank look or said something to the effect of “I could care less.” But now that decision-making time is nearing, you want a down-and-dirty guide to help you make the best choice.

First, let’s take a look at some advantages of both types.

Timber Floors

• Has potential to be beautiful and long-lasting
• Can stand up to significant traffic
• Depending on how procured and harvested, can be “green” or “eco-friendly”
• Aesthetically flexible
• Protects against sun bleaching
• Easy to clean up spills – vacuum, dry mop, etc.
• Floors harden as they age, which makes clean up even easier
• Depending on the wood you get, can vary hardness, price, durability to meet
your budget, traffic needs, and other needs.

Bamboo Floors

Bamboo is also a luxurious, beautiful material. It’s extremely hard, so it’s resistant to nicking and abrasions. Bamboo is also easy to clean and, when properly harvested, is very eco-friendly, since it regenerates within just three to five years.There are many

beautiful finishes available.Bamboo can last three decades or longer, depending on how you care for it.

So both bamboo and timber are going to be excellent choices. Timber may be more expensive than bamboo, depending on your location, needs, and the size and scope of your project. Bamboo is generally considered to be more eco-friendly than timber.Bamboo is generally slightly harder than most timber, so it can stand up a little bit more to the ravages of everyday life.

Need help to figure out the best decision for your needs, home, and budget? Connect today with the experienced and customer-focused professionals at Elegant Floors. We offer free inspections and estimates. Call us now at 650-961-1339, or learn more about our hardwood floor finishing, installation, and cleaning services at www.elegant-floors.com

The Slab Moisture Blues

Ugly Blisters Can Ruin a Floating Floor – What to do?

It’s every home remodeler’s worst nightmare. You pay a small fortune (maybe liquidate the kids’ college fund?) to install a top of the line hardwood floor. Everything looks great. Then, out of nowhere, grotesque grayish blisters pop up all over the floor, as if the hardwood had contracted some ghastly, highly communicable African plague. Walking on these blisters pops them,
releasing the stagnant smell of finish.

What went wrong with my floors?

Likely, vapor emissions – from concrete or from some other source beneath the floor – caused
moisture to migrate into the hardwood to form these blisters.

If you fail to test your floor and subfloor for moisture, you set yourself up for a blister disaster.
Your heating system, for instance, can suck moisture from the slab just as the finish cooks,
causing all of the bubbleishness. Once these blisters occur — unless you want to leave the plague-
like bubbles in place — you have to scrap the project, rip up the floor, and replace it altogether.

To prevent this from happening in your home or rec room:

  • Use a hygrometer to measure humidity of both the wood floor and the subfloor;
  • The NWFA has installation guidelines;
  • Also, check out the manufacturer’s instructions.

When homeowners embark on “do it yourself” adventures, unexpected problems – like this
bubbling problem – often arise, creating havoc, missed deadlines, thousands of dollars of
unexpected costs, and outrage.

To save yourself the hassle and frustration, connect with the team at Elegant Floors at 650-961-
1339. We provide free estimates, and our Diamond-certified professionals can help you figure
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Is Hardwood Flooring A Good Investment?

Let’s face facts. The economy is not exactly in ship shape.

America’s credit rating was recently downgraded by S&P. The stock market is going haywire. So, why would homeowners want to “splurge” on installing hardwood floors? A lot of reasons. Budget conscious (and not so budget conscious) homeowners, landlords, and building owners alike might want to consider the hardwood floor option — even in this economy — for the following reasons: (more…)