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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Dos and Don’ts

How to Clean Your Floors The Right Way

Shiny Hardwood Floor Installed in Saratoga

After your prefinished hardwood floors installation is complete, you will want to know how to keep your floors looking like new for as long as possible. Proper cleaning not only keeps your hardwood floors looking their best, but it also removes debris that could damage the floor over time and set the stage for mold, mildew and nasty structural damage that could compromise safety. Below are some do’s and don’ts for maintaining shining, structurally sound floors. 


What’s Hiding in Your Carpet?

 Why You Need to Replace Your Old Carpet with Hardwood Floors

Close-up of Carpet to be replaced with hardwood floors installation

Although it may not be obvious, since it doesn’t actively emit particles that you consciously detect or see, carpeting can be far one of the biggest sources of pollution in your home. For cleaner air, consider replacing your carpet with prefinished hardwood floors. Let’s explore some critical science that explains why this type of action is necessary.


Wax On, Wax Off

What to Do When Wax Ends Up on Your Hardwood Floors


Candle Wax on Engineered Hardwood Floors Children of the 1980s still vividly remember Mr. Miyagi (from the movie, The Karate Kid) imploring his young protégé, Daniel-san, to wax his car – a subtle way of teaching him the value of repetitive practice and muscle memory for key karate defenses. But what happens when real life wax winds up on your floors? Do you need a professional hardwood floor repair team to come to the rescue, or can you handle the job yourself? (more…)

How Hardwood Floors Installation Benefits Your Business

Looking to Add Value and Comfort to your Office? Consider Hardwood Floors Installation

Hardwood Floors installed in Saratoga office

Whether you run a Bay Area dentist office or manage a retail store that’s looking to attract more traffic and increase ROI, hardwood floors can benefit your business in a number of surprising ways. Whether you opt for solid or engineered hardwood floors, here’s what you can expect, provided you install the flooring according to best practices and maintain it well:


What’s the Best Vacuums for your Hardwood Floors?

Quality Vacuums Can Make Caring for Engineered Hardwood Floors Simple


Whether you’re remodeling your Bay Area home or exploring more effective processes for up-keeping a commercial property by the water, you want insight into how to make your floor-cleaning and vacuuming as efficient as possible. After you’ve completed your hardwood floors installation, you will want to keep your floors in excellent shape possible to avoid expensive repair costs. One smart and simple solution is to vacuum frequently. A good vacuum can remove debris from even the deepest cracks and crevices of your floor, thus preventing a buildup of dirt and water and humidity-related damage over time. (more…)

Which Direction Should My Hardwood Floors Be Installed?

Thoughts from Your South Bay Hardwood Floors Installation Experts

Los Gatos Hardwood Floor Installation Prefinished hardwood floors add beauty, durability, and value to homes, making them the perfect home improvement project. Once homeowners have decided on a wood style and finish, the next step involves choosing the direction of the planks. Personal preference, structural considerations, and interior decorating rules all govern the ultimate choice. (more…)

Benefits of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Cupertino Hardwood Floors Installation Company Explains

Monte Sereno Hardwood Floors Installation

Homeowners considering hardwood floors installation often find the choices for flooring materials vast and confusing. Traditional hardwoods provide timeless beauty, but many modern alternatives are sturdy, and they deliver the same aesthetic and structural support. What should you choose? (more…)

How to Fix Hardwood Floor Water Damage

South Bay Hardwood Floors Installer offers Advice and Prevention Tips

hardwood floor water damage repairs Palo AltoHardwood floors can be beautiful and aesthetically appealing features of a home. But forgotten spills, storms, and pets can wreak havoc on these works of natural art. Standing water on hardwood can cause many types of damage, such as warping, mold, and mildew. Hardwood floor restoration and repair can reverse the effects of damage in most cases.