1-DayRefinish Service

Elegant Floors has the ‘Rx for Wood Floors’
A 1-Day, No-Sanding & Dust-Free Refinshing Process

Rx for Wood Floors is unique state-of-the-art process is the perfect cure for lightly worn hardwood floors which:
Will remove scuffing, marring and dulling
Will bring back an even sheen to the entire floor
And best of it’s a 1-Day Service!

Rx for Wood Floors is revolutionary in that it eliminates the sanding process, produces virtually no odor and dust, and requires no special ventilation. Best of all, it will not change the original color of your hardwood floors.

The Rx for Wood Floors system is a urethane rejuvenation process that preserves the appearance of your floors and protects your investment. Industry experts recommend this process for hardwood floors every three to four years. This award-winning technology allows you to have beautifully refinished hardwood floors with No Sanding, No Mess, No Odor, at about half the cost of traditional sand refinishing.

Why Rx for Wood Floors and Not Traditional Sand Refinishing?
The secret to beautiful long lasting hardwood floors is to catch wood floor finish problems early, particularly before the bare wood shows through the finish. If you regularly maintain your hardwood floors with this process every several years, Elegant Floors’ professional staff will have no problem restoring the original finished beauty the easy, low cost way.

Consider Rx for Wood Floors if Your Hardwood Floors Show any of the Following Damage:

RX for hardwood floors no sanding
The Rx For Wood Floors Process
Before the process begins, our special applicator checks your floor for contaminants, such as wax, that prevent ad-hesion of the urethane. Once your floor is free of contaminants, we begin the three step finishing process. Generally we can complete this process in only one day.

STEP #1 – Virtual Sanding
Rx For Wood Floors no-sanding formula chemically “sands the hardwood floor.” Just like sanding, this unique formula rubs off the old finish to prepare the hardwood for beautiful new topcoat. It saves time, expense, and the mess of conventional sanding.

STEP #2 – Repairs
Elegant Floors professionals use Rx For Wood Floors repair products to make any necessary repairs to the surface of the floor before applying the final finish.

STEP #3 – Finishing
Rx For Wood Floors unique catalyzed wood finish is applied and permanently locks with the original finish for an attractive, clear fin-ish that lasts.

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