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“Very pleased. They were timely, professional, pleasant, and the final product was better than I expected…”
– M. Chessman, Portola Valley, CA Best reviewed hardwood floor company 5 stars

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“Love, love, LOVE this company!!
Our floors were damaged by a flood under our home. We called quite a few places for estimates, but many places did not bother to call us back. Others warned us that we would have to move out of our home for seven days, which was not acceptable to us, since we have aging pets who need medication. Elegant Floors was the one company who offered the two non-negotiables we were looking for. First, we did not have to move out. In fact, there was only one day that we had to negotiate entrance to our upstairs via a window (funny). Secondly, there was NO DUST! We didn’t really believe this claim, but REALLY!!! THERE WAS NO DUST!! Our cleaners were even shocked by how easy their jobs were post floor resurfacing!!

The workers were fabulous, kind, courteous and diligent. They took extra care to not stress our our kitties. On sanding day, they arrived at 7:30 am and did not leave the house until they felt the floors looked their best–11:00 PM!! They didn’t even stop for dinner. Because of the work ethic of these young men, our floors look amazing. We would recommend this company a million times over–they are FANTASTIC!!”
— Elisa L., San Jose, CA Best reviewed hardwood floor company 5 stars

We did ~1000 sq ft of sanding and ~500 sq ft of new installation of hardwood. Also did stain / coloring. It was quite a complicated job as they had to link the floor together with four other hardwood floors and one marble floor – all at semi different levels as the house is old. In addition to that, we had termite damage that needed repairing, and we are really picky customers.

Needless to say, we spoke to ~12 different contractors, and elegant floors came in at a very competitive price – not the cheapest but off by single digit percent. More importantly, they were super transparent during the bidding process about the challenges they saw with the project and their abilities of delivering against those. This conveyed a lot of trust so we went with them!

Really good communication during the project. They have a “project manager” that is your single point of contact which is great as there are different crews for different stages (sanding, staining, installation, painting, etc). Very responsive, and dedicated to getting everything right. This was really crucial with our project as it was particularly complex. There were all kinds of things that needed to be figured out as we went along. We have done several hardwood jobs before and we have never experienced this responsiveness before!

A big thing for our family was that the hardwood work was essentially taking place in the center of the house, temporarily cutting off access to some rooms. In addition to that, we have small children that are hard to keep away from the floors. Naturally we had a couple of incidents, but both the crew and the project manager were great in handling this. The job was ongoing for several weeks so it was great feeling that the contractors spending all this time in our house were responsible and understanding towards our situation.

As the project went along, we changed our minds a few times and needed additional work. The process around handling this was very transparent and fair. As for the end result, it far exceeded our expectations, and we are a super happy customer.

Areas of improvement, hmm… We misunderstood each other on one appointment, but the error was as much on my side, and I’d rather say they are fairly flexible given how busy my schedule is and they accommodating that. There was a small mistake on the coloring, but they quickly remedied that, which was great to see.

We have a lot of hardwood work to be done in our house, and the most objective testament to our experience is probably that we have decided to use them for our future needs. Really happy about this!

— Johan L., Los Altos Best reviewed hardwood floor company 5 stars


Wanted to place again a five star review for Scott and his crew.  A few weeks ago they came up to my sister house and refinished and re-sand 750 square foot area.  It match perfectly with the balance of the house.  I hope this review stays on the YELP site for this company.  I have already told the folks in the Los Gatos and San Jose area of his integrity and no hidden cost job.

Thanks again for the great work and turn around

— Paul M., Lakewood, CA Best reviewed hardwood floor company 5 stars_______________________________________________________________________

Thank you! The Scott’s team was great and their workmanship was outstanding. The repair area to the water damaged hardwood floor were blended nicely. Scott was very timely and professional in getting the work done to the price agreed.

Audrey L., Cupertino, CA Best reviewed hardwood floor company 5 stars_______________________________________________________________________

We have 3/4″ oak hardwood floor throughout most of our house that was installed about 30 years ago.  During that time, roof leaks and other water damage had discolored sections and caused some cupping.  There were also uneven, wavy sections (“shutter?”) from the original installation and from a less than perfect attempt at refinishing a section by ourselves.  Elegant floors did an excellent job of making the floors look better than new and we are very happy.

Despite warning of inevitable dust even with the “dustless” system, we were pleased with how clean everything was afterwards.  The workers were careful to cover and seal off the few places without hardwood (kitchen, baths) and were clean and prompt.  The price was lower than an estimate by another company using the same “dustless” system.

Moving out was a hassle, but it was time to go through some of our accumulation anyway.  We also had to remove the base shoe around the molding ourselves and reinstall where needed afterwards, but understood that before signing the contract.  Overall,we are extremely pleased with Elegant and our “new” floors and wish we had done it years ago.

“We had a great experience with Elegant Floors.They removed the carpet and refinished / repaired the hardwood floors underneath. Floors was the most professional and most thorough of the 4 companies I contacted, so we went with them based on that and the good Yelp reviews. Everyone we worked with was great – Scott, Teri, and Carlos.

They kept me updated on the progress, and even came up with an inexpensive solutions when we found a few problem stains on the existing wood that could not be removed. There was hardly any dust when they were done, and the floors look great.

Philip R., Palo Alto, CA  Best reviewed hardwood floor company 5 stars


We recently had Elegant Floors refinish our floors in our home.  I don’t typically post Yelp reviews, but decided I would after reading some of the negative reviews that were previously written.  We had light colored oak floors from years ago and wanted an updated look.  Scott came and gave us a thorough explanation of the process ( we opted for the dustless option ~ which was great!) and we had clear and concise communication with the entire team at Elegant Floors from start to finish.

Brian and his team worked extremely hard day in and day out and were very patient as we tried to select the new color for our floors.  I have never seen a group work so tirelessly on our behalf!  Everything from the  new floor vents and baseboards to our beautifully refinished hardwood floors, exceeded our expectations.  What a great group of people to work with on a big project!

To add even more kudos to this amazing group, I somehow spilled super glue on my beautiful new floors and Scott and his crew were able to quickly repair the floor.  We thought they would have to strip the entire area, but they were able to refinish the small area without any inconvenience to us.

We have received so many compliments on our floors and we would definitely use Elegant Floors again.

Kathy S., Saratoga, CA Best reviewed hardwood floor company 5 stars


Elegant Floors of Sunnyvale did an excellent job in my house.  They refinished all of our hardwood parquet flooring so that it looks like new.  They took excellent care of our house (which we were out of for our mutual convenience during the refinishing).  No sawdust when they were done.  Then they did an overlay of thin simulated wood, which was their idea, rather than a refinish of the bamboo flooring in our kitchen.

They were able to do that in a day while we were in our house.  Just the suggestion of that, instead of refinishing the bamboo, made Elegant Floors heroes in our eyes.  The simulated wood looks close to real wood, but is much better suited to a kitchen than any wood product that I have seen.  My wife and I really liked working with the whole team.

— Howard H., Palo Alto, CA Best reviewed hardwood floor company 5 stars


I would recommend Elegant Floors to anyone looking to refinish their hardwood floors”
— Kecia B., San Jose, CA Best reviewed hardwood floor company 5 stars

Scott & Terri were very courteous and professional. They offered great rates and did an amazing job restoring the wooden floor of a 60 year old home. The work started on time and finished as committed and there were no surprises.

— Aniket K., Mountain View, CA Best reviewed hardwood floor company 5 stars______________________________________________________________________

I had a tenant move out after many years who left water damage in a bedroom.  Originally I wanted the damaged wood replaced, but Scott said that fill would look just as good in this case.  He was correct, you really have to know where the damage was to see the repair.

Because it was the New Years’ weekend, and new tenants would be moving in quickly, time was really important.  Scott talked with his install team, and was able to fit me in.  The floors look great!  My only minor complaint would be some sanding residue one part of the baseboards, but I only noticed it because I had to install some new trim.  Given that I was doing lots of cleaning anyway, it’s not a big deal.

— Dave S., Sunnyvale, CA  Best reviewed hardwood floor company 5 stars_______________________________________________________________________

I am very impressed with the work and friendly cooperation I received from Elegant Floors.  I recently purchased a mobile home that was in need of new flooring.  I decided that a long term investment of hardwood floors would suit my needs over carpet that quickly gets stained and worn.

Scott came out and explained to me the process and provided me an estimate for the work.  He also provided me names of good people to help paint my home as well as temporarily move my furniture to facilitate the floor installation.  He kept me duly informed when there was any changes to the installation plan and costs.

I love my new floor and feel good about the investment i made.  i would recommend them to anybody who wants to make a sound investment in their home.

Michael W., Sunnyvale, CA Best reviewed hardwood floor company 5 stars______________________________________________________________________

I am as please as can be with the work Elegant Floors did to my hardwood oak floor.  They guided me through what I needed because of my pets and helped me with selecting the correct stain color for my floor to match my interiors.  Mending and replacing of formerly dog-soiled wood planks were done so perfectly.  Rubin and Brian worked hard to do an excellent job.

My family all commented how nice it was and really enjoyed walking on my new floor in their stocking feet. I did have to chase after them to return my doors to their hinges and to place the new wooden vents to their locations, but they did so cheerfully, after they realized they forgot to do this last piece of the job.

Teri, the coordinator, was easy to talk to and knew her job. It was a very pleasant experience for me to work with Elegant Floors.  I felt that they were like family and easy to be with.

— Susan L., Palo Alto, CA  Best reviewed hardwood floor company 5 stars______________________________________________________________________

I am back on Yelp to sing the praises of what I think is the most amazing hardwood floor company in the Bay Area!!  Elegant Floors has now completed three jobs for us — each one more impressive than the next!!  They installed a gorgeous and heavily patterned hardwood in our upstairs bedroom and seriously–it looks like a piece of art.  They sanded and refinished our entire downstairs after our recirculating hot water line burst and warped the entire floor — it is simply gorgeous and you would never know that any damage had occurred.  This last job, though, is the one in which Elegant Floors worked miracles. . .

Our rental property is a 1960’s ranch style home which had been carpeted since the early 80’s.  Tenant after tenant has lived in this house with a menagerie of dogs and cats (as animal lovers, we insist that our renters HAVE animals).  After our last tenants moved out, we went over to assess what would need to be done for our dear friends to move in (in two months, no less) . . .

Upon entering the house, the smell of animal urine literally stung our eyes and noses.  It was BAD.  With this home being a rental, we decided that the cheapest route in remedying this would be to call, say, a Home Depot, and have them pull up the damaged floor and lay some laminate.  The “cheap” estimate? ALMOST $13,000!!

We pulled up the carpet ourselves to have a look at the floor underneath.  It was hardwood, alright–saturated with animal pee hardwood.  Huge dark spots covered the floor.  We decided that it couldn’t hurt to give Elegant Floors a call, because if we were going to spend a bunch of money, it may as well be to people we know and trust.  Within 24 hours, Scott, the owner, was at our place.  His word?  “Wow.”  And then he placed a call to his foreman, Brian.  Brian cam right over.  Together, we walked through the house.  I kept talking about laminate, and finally, Brian asked, “Well, what do you WANT?”  I said I wished we could save the hardwood.  And Brian said, “Well, then–let’s save the hardwood!”

It took seven days for nearly 1500 feet of pee-stained, staple-filled hardwood to be turned into literally one of the most beautiful floors I had ever seen.  We chose a mahogany stain that would hide any urine stains they couldn’t get out, but those were so minimal by the time they were done that we could have glossed those floors and they would have looked beautiful.  They replaced a couple of the worst pee-saturated areas (about 4 square feet total), but seriously — that was it.

The best part?  Gorgeous floors and not a wisp of urine scent anywhere!  Our good friends moved in with their cats, and those cats have no idea the house was pee-saturated before (and cats have the most amazing sense of smell).  So all you people out there looking for a flooring company who will finish dust free AND on time AND under-budget (the entire project came in at just over half of what Home Depot quoted — FOR LAMINATE — and, we got new baseboards, too!!)  AND will solve even what you think are the most impossible issues related to flooring, HIRE THIS COMPANY!!  They seriously are the most dedicated, skilled group of professionals with who I have had the pleasure of working!!

— Elisa L., San Jose, CA Best reviewed hardwood floor company 5 stars

And the “after-Elegant-Floors-worked-their-magic” photo; amazing, Elegant Floors ROCKS!!


“We had initially received a quote months before we actually decided to proceed to get an idea on the scope of the project and all the logistics. Our dream of removing the living room carpet and refinish the original hardwood floors throughout the house finally came to be in February. We contacted Teri as soon as we knew we were taking our three kids on our first family vacation. Teri was able to coordinate everything via email and did a superb job overseeing the project while we were out of the state and overseas! She sent me sample pictures of the two colors we had selected and teams recommendation made it easier for us to decide.

The project took longer than expected due to weather conditions, but they kept us informed. I appreciate their process in ensuring the final product was well done. They also coordinated the furniture move with Jose (their to go person for moving services). The dark walnut color was a great choice since it covered some of the flaws left behind by the staples that were removed. My son, who intially preferred our carpet, became a fan once he walked in through the door. I would highly recommend Elegant Floors, if you truly desire a stress free experience”
— Scarlett M., Redwood City, CA Best reviewed hardwood floor company 5 stars

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