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Say ‘Hello’ to Elegant Floors! We’ve Got Over 25 Years Experience Of Quality Workmanship

Elegant Floors is a South Bay leader in hardwood floor sales, installation, refinishing and wood floor restorations. We don’t need to say were the best in what do because countless invaluable clients have done that for us in so many 5-Star reviews.
Our family-owned business has made name for itself with our quality workmanship and high customer satisfaction with proven results.
With over 25 years experience in both residential and commercial hardwood flooring, Elegant Floors should be your first call today. We install hardwood flooring in homes, condos, commercial office buildings, dance studios, schools, stores and more.
No matter the location, you can rest assured that Elegant Floors professionals are experts in all aspects of hardwood flooring and dedicated to completing each job on time and on budget.
With three dedicated crews, Elegant Floors prides itself in its “Sudden Service” and
in meeting your expectations.
Contact Teri or Scott for with any questions and to set up your free estimate — call:
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Check out the before after photos of repairs  photos below of the hardwood flooring entrance riser for this Los Altos residence.

Adding Value To Your Home Before You List It For Sale Hardwood Floors vs LVP or LVT (Luxury Vinyl Plank/Luxury Vinyl Tile)

If you are thinking about adding hardwood flooring to a room or two in your home, in order to add value, you most likely can’t got wrong.  Though return on investment is both attractive in ROI and the added beauty to your home,  it’s possible you may be able to achieve a similar

return on investment when installing LVP/LVT (luxury vinyl plank/tile) flooring, which can look very similar to hardwood flooring.

As an example, say you spend of $5,000 on LVT flooring might increase the value of your home by $10,000 , that would be as a 200 percent ROI, which is fantastic! It’s important to consider the overall value of your home before deciding the dollar amount you would like to spend on flooring.

However, few people would argue that hardwood floors don’t look incredible. And most folks

would also agree that there’s a captivating look to them, as well. People see hardwood and think “beauty” or “value”  or “luxurious.”  However, we suggest you first  speak with an experienced real estate agent about improving your home’s value. Maybe you’ll find out that installing one or the other — LVT or hardwood flooring — is a better return on your home improvement investment.

If you need the name of a trusted realtor, we’d be happy to connect you with agent who we think can be of help to you.

Elegant Floors has been taking great care of residents and businesses in Santa Clara County/South Bay cities for more than 25 years. As a family-owned business, theses experienced professionals take a lot of pride in the work that that they perform. In fact more than 40 percent of their business come from referrals.

Please Contact Us For Free Quotes & Any Questions You Have: (408) 773-8624

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LVT flooring added to bar/cafe of  Palo Alot/Bay Area golf course. What an amazing difference for an affordable price!

Removing Pet Stains From Your Hardwood Floor: Do It Yourself Or Call The Experts, Elegant Floors

So you brought home an adorable cat (kitten) or dog (puppy) and everything is lovely until they urinate on your wood floors! Take heed knowing that eventually with patience and love, your furry buddy will learn to use a litter box or the yard to relieve themselves.

We have 9 Different Proven Techniques To Remove Urine Stains, and we’ll share these tips two or three at a time over the next few  months.  Keep in mind that if none of these cleaning methods catch your fancy, please don’t hesitate to contact Elegant Floors.

To Begin…

Before removing stains from your wood flooring, you’ll need to have located where each urine  spot is. However, if you’re not sure that you can find all the spots with your bare eye, try using a black light.

Turn off the lights and make  sure the room pitch black. Then shine the black light over the entire area of your floor. You pet’s urine stain will glow with a light green or yellow color. Mark the spots before you  start the stain removal process.

Technique 1: Blot out fresh urine on the spot using an absorbent cloth

Act fast when you notice a puddle of dog urine on your hardwood floor.

Step 1: Soak up the urine using several rolls of paper towels.

Step 2: Replace the paper towels and apply sufficient pressure to suck up every ounce of the pet urine.

Step 3: When the wet spot is completely dry, wipe the area using a cloth dampened in fragrant soapy water. The fragrant dish soap will help to eliminate the dog’s urine smell.

Technique 2: Remove stains with warm water and dish soap

Although this solution won’t tackle the black urine stains, it will help address a recently peed-on surface. You can make it more potent by adding a bit of baking soda and white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide.

Step 1: Prepare the cleaning solution by mixing a few drops of dish soap, baking soda, and vinegar or peroxide in warm water.

Step 2: Dip your brush or sponge into the mixture and rub it on the stained area. Saturate the spot and let the solution sit for five minutes to soak the urine.

Step 3: Wipe off the cleaning solution from the spot using a soft cloth. Let the hardwood floor dry.

Don’t care to tackle the chore of removing your cat’s or dog’s urine from your beautiful hardwood floors? Well, then call Elegant Floors! Family-owned and talking good care South Bay homes and businesses for over 25 years,  we are here for all your wood flooring repairs maintenance, and of course, new wood flooring sales and installation.

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After wood flooring repairs
Los Altos Hills, 2,500 square feet total refinish: stair assembly w/pain aid baseboard; living room. Also assisted with removing  pet stains.


Why Is Red Oak Flooring So Popular?

Are you’re thinking about having hardwood floors installed? But are you not sure which type of wood is best for your home? Have you considered about red oak? If not then maybe you don’t  know that that this species of flooring is greatly popular? And there are numerous reasons why it is fastly becoming American homeowners’ first choice  when installing new wood flooring such as:

Red Oak Flooring Looks Great

First and foremost, red oak flooring looks wonderful! Its innate deep red hue warms any room with its deeply red-warmth tones. Its thick lovely grain patterns lends character to any room while also hiding  scratches, nicks and scuff marks.

Red Oak is used frequently as “transitional” look, which is rapidly growing in popularity. The transitional style is a mixture of classic traditional and modern. Red oak is used as the foundation of transitional style giving the whole room a classic look while modern furnishings and appliances and accessories are used in conjunction .

Red Oak Flooring Is a “Tough Customer”

Red oak is much tougher than other hardwood flooring species. If you are not aware, there is a  real industry rating system for wood flooring that measures its toughness are wearability.  The system is known as the “Janka Scale” — it was designed specifically to ascertain info in determining whether  species of tree is hardy enough to use as flooring. The scale specifically measures denting and wear.

Red oak’s has a Janka scale  has a rating of 1290 which equates to being highly resistant to denting and wear.  Red oak is frequently used in areas where there will be considerable foot traffic such as schools, churches, retail stores, and homes with large families. If your home gets a considerable amount of guests visitors, you cannot go wrong with red oak flooring.

Red Oak Flooring Is Versatile

Another reason for its popularity is that it’s tough, but not so hard that it can’t be sawed, sanded, and nailed. Its easy workability makes it the number one hardwood flooring for contractors.  The last thing a flooring contractor needs is a beautiful hardwood that is difficult for its crew cut, trim, sand, stain and install.

Red Oak Flooring Is Affordable

Though it’s a high-quality wood, red oak is actually reasonable , that’s just one more reason it’s widely used. Affordability makes it easier on your pocket book for red oak flooring to be installed throughout your entire home. How nice it that to be able to add beauty to every room you would like to add wood flooring to?  How Sweet!

Hardwood flooring is a big investment, so make sure you choose a contractor who’s got your back. Elegant Floors of Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Palo Alto and and the entire South Bay, is 25 -year family-owned business and offers a 1 year warranty for the period of one year for the materials and workmanship we supply.

For Further Questions And Free Estimates Call Elegant Floors:  (408) 773-8624 https://elegant-floors.com/

Red oak hardwood flooring installed by Elegant Floors of Sunnyvale in Los Altos master bedroom. 

Why Choosing Hardwood Flooring Experts Will Save You Money — And Headaches — In The Long Run

Although many flooring contractors have been installing, sanding, and finishing hard wood floors for years, many  forget how seasonal changes affect the drying times of finish products. Whether  applying stains, sealers, or finishes, drying conditions will affect the way the products dry. Understanding your conditions will help minimize issues you could have on the job.

Some flooring professionals may fail to read instructions on a product being used because they’ve performed this same type of job “thousands of times before.” Even if it’s a product one has used for years, one needs to double-check the recommended dry times, as manufacturers may have changed their recommended dry times.

The No. 1 reason a flooring company gets complaints after finishing a job is due to the contractor rushing the job; for example, coating over a product before it completely dries or allowing a jobsite to resume to full service before the flooring is 100 percent completely dried and preserved. The following are the most common reasons hardwood floors dry times become mucked up:

Too heavy application rates

Too high humidity levels

Too low temperature

Lack of airflow

Coating a previous coat before it was dry

The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) states that flooring should be kept at 60 °F to 80 °F and 30 percent to 50 percent relative humidity. This happens to be similar to conditions in which many finish manufacturers claim their products perform the best. Even though we may be working in conditioned spaces, the weather outside can have an effect on how products dry, especially during the spring and fall when air conditioners/furnaces may not be running as often due to similar temperatures outside.

Elegant Floors has been taking great care of residents and businesses in Santa Clara County/South Bay cities for more than 25 years. As a family-owned business, theses experienced professionals take a lot of pride in the work that that they perform. In fact more than 40 percent of their business come from referrals.

Please Contact Us For Free Quotes & Any Questions You Have:( (408) 773-862

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Palo Alto’s private golf club’s dining room and bar area “plays” well with LVT  flooring.

Choosing Between New Hardwood Flooring Or New Carpeting

Depending on the room(s) and location(s) and what your goals are,  there are times when  Hardwood Flooring is the best choice; but the same could be said for installing new carpeting.

Hardwood Floors Provide Better Resale Value

If the goal of updating your flooring is to increase the resale value of your home, then the hardwood flooring if the easy choice. Carpet feels great are your feet. It’s also locks in heat during the colder months and muffles the transmission of sound through the floor. However, when it comes to resale value, homes with hardwood floors are more popular with possible home buyers and real estate agents.

Carpet Costs Less To Install than Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring looks wonderful and it’s extremely easy to clean. You sweep with a broom and use a mop lightly dipped into a mix of water and a few drops of Palmolive dish soap for an easy cleanup.  The cost of hardwood flooring averages between $8 and $14 per square foot, depending on the type of wood, color, wood grain, and quality. The cost to have a professional install the hardwood ranges from about $3 to $5 per square foot.


Carpet is cheaper to buy and install. But you may want to replace this type of flooring every 10 to 20 years. When hardwood flooring is a highly durable flooring that far surpasses carpet in longevity. You will still need to take care of the floor, especially when it comes to cleaning up spills, pet waste, or any other liquid messes, but as long as the home is properly maintained, a hardwood floor can last more than 50 years.

Elegant Floors is a 25-year family run businesses.  They take a lot of pride of being able to take good care of the hardwood flooring needs of homeowners throughout the entire South Bay area.

For Questions & Quotes Call: (408) 773-8624  | https://elegant-floors.com/


Los Altos Hills residential: Dining room Red Oak refinish with stain and three coats of Pallman, water-base finish… along with new bull-nose step-down and installation.

What’s In A Name? Elegant Floors Is A NWFA Member In Good Standing

If you’re a homeowner who is considering a hiring flooring company to either install hardwood floors or repair your hardwood flooring, chance are good you’ll good you’ll across acronym NWWA which is short for National Wood Flooring Association.

A contractor who is a NWFA member, has a least taken the time to become  associated with quality organization. Read below —  it’s what organization says about themselves and what they stand for

“The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) is an international not-for-profit trade association representing all segments of the hardwood flooring industry, including manufacturers, distributors, retailers, installers, importers/exporters, inspectors, and consultants.

As such, NWFA’s mission is to unify and strengthen the wood flooring community through technical standards, education, networking and advocacy.

We do this through various programs and services such as hands-on and online training, our annual Wood Flooring Expo, Hardwood Floors magazine, and technical standards and publications that are recognized worldwide.-

All of our members agree to abide by the association’s bylaws and listed standards of professional conduct upon joining:

  • To deal with my customers with honesty and integrity.
  • To promote the merits of my products and services without degrading competitors.
  • To reveal all the material facts so that the truth about my products and services may be understood fully.
  • To abide by all governmental regulations and statues.
  • To support the NWFA and its goals and purposes toward advancing the wood flooring industry.
  • To commit no act that would discredit my profession or the wood flooring industry.
  • To abide by these Standards of Professional Conduct and recognize the NWFA as the authority in all matters relating to interpretation and enforcement of these Standards, within prevailing legal limits.”


Elegant Floors is a 25-year family run businesses.  They take a lot of pride of being able to take good care of the hardwood flooring needs of homeowners throughout the entire South Bay area.

                                                For Questions & Quotes Call: (408) 773-8624


A refinished hardwood floor.

How To Avoid One Horrible Mistake Before Refinishing Hardwood Flooring Clean That Floor First

Do not refinish a dirty floor! Refinishing your hardwood flooring is the best method to maintaining their natural beauty and elegant look; remember your flooring sets the design tone for all your home’s rooms.  And whenever you refinish any of your wood floors, you have to do this task properly in order to achieve the optimum end results.

If you plan on finishing a floor without properly prepping then cleaning it, the finish may not adhere itself evenly — you flooring could end looking horrible. It’s imperative before finishing your hardwood floors  that you clean them thoroughly to prevent pet hair, dust, dirt and debris from getting stuck in the finish. It’s also important to make sure you make use of the correct finish for your wood floors.

If the materials you use are not 100 percent well suited, the finish can peel and crack, destroying that gorgeous appearance you want your floors to obtain.

The best method in refinishing your flooring is to not do it yourself. This it not like cutting you grass or painting a room. Call Elegant Floors of Sunnyvale, owner-operated hardwood flooring company that has been taking care of the flooring needs of South Bay residents for 25 years.

Call: (408) 773-8624 | https://elegant-floors.com/


A refinished hardwood floor.

What a difference, eh?  A before & after living room’s hardwood flooring in Los Altos.

Before refinishing the floor.



Five Important Questions To Ask Of A Perspective Hardwood Flooring Contractor

Keep in mind there are more than five important questions you should ask your hardwood flooring contractor.  But the following five questions are the most important in our estimation.

1) Does The Contractor Have A Proper Business Liability Policy In Place?

A legitimate wood flooring contractor will have a liability policy in place.  Elegant Floors carries a general liability policy. This policy is also available upon request.

2) Is the contractor a member of the NWFA (national wood flooring association)?

Elegant Floors holds is certified with the NWFA for installation, sanding and finishing, sales advising, environmental awareness, and craftsman degrees.

3)  Will The Contractor Provide A Legitimate Contract For Both You And He To Sign? And will the payments be spread out based upon performance?

You need to get this writing. And unless there’s an Act of God, the contractor should try everything in how power to complete your  job on the promised date.

4) It There A Specified Completion Date For Your Job In The Contract? 

You need to get this writing. And unless there’s an Act of God, the contractor should try everything in how power to complete your  job on the promised date.

5) What Kind Of Warranty Does The Contractor Offer?

Hardwood flooring is a big investment, so make sure you choose a contractor who’s got your back. We offer a warranty for the period of one year for the materials and workmanship we supply.

For Further Questions And Free Estimates Call Elegant Floors:  (408) 773-8624 https://elegant-floors.com/



Before installing LVT to Palo Alto private club.

“Before”: Replacing women carpeting in cafe of private fitness club in Palo Alto.

LVT installed 850 square feet on Palo Alto cafe.

“After”: The worn carpeting has been replaced by LVT  flooring in cafe of private fitness club in Palo Alto. Looks great and easy to maintain, and business is good again!

LVT To The Rescue! Luxury Tile Completely Changes Athletic Club’s Café’s Environment

Worn old carpeting is never a  good look for a business, especially a café.

And especially if the café’s located in a private athletic club. Club members would be feeling good about themselves after a swim or weight-training or a vigorous game of tennis thanks to their endorphins.  Our bodies endorphin chemicals are produced naturally by the nervous system to cope with pain or stress which our bodies’ tend  to release after exercise.

They are often called “feel-good” chemicals and when produced by exercise, our body’s may feel a strong need to replenish our body with food  and hydration. Hence the importance of this particular sports club’s café — a natural money-maker as well as welcomed benefit to club members.

As this particular Palo Alto club’s café carpeting began to age because of wear, little by little club members started becoming turned off by the café’s drab appearance.  Truth be told, when the carpeting was rather new, about 6 years ago, the café had much more of a welcoming environment.

But by placing carpeting in high-traffic area where you know there are going to be beverages spilled and gooey food and sauces dropped and then ground in —  usually by mistake — by people accidentally stepping on meses, this carpeting was destined for the dumpster. And sooner the  better.

After club members mentioned to the staff that they enjoyed the food and beverages from the café but not the horrid carpeting, it finally hit home to as to why the café’s sales went from solid and turning a monthly profit to a monthly liability with food spoilage. This worn carpeting issue is not uncommon —  in the home or business —  as we all used to things being out of place or aging, without realizing things need sprucing up as new carpeting or even flooring as a replacement.

Lucky for management that one club member had mentioned Elegant Floors, a local a wood flooring contactor. They had made use of their services and was amazingly happy with the hardwood flooring installed throughout their house which replaced their worn boring carpeting.

To cut to the chase Elegant Floors visited the club and suggested LVT, Luxury Vinyl Tile  as replacement for the carpeting. They explained that LVT is much more practical floor application  for a café. As it not only looks like wood and is easily to clean but it will greatly enhance the aesthetics.

Elegant Floors removed the old carpeting and replaced it with LVT flooring.

It only took them three days from start to finish.  Day four brought club members back to the café with smiles, compliments plus their appetites. From then on, the sports club’s café became bustling space, morning, noon and night thanks to Elegant Floors.

             For Free EstimatesHome Or Business Call Elegant Floors:                                                (408) 773-8642   | https://elegant-floors.com/                                   #Hardwood #flooringcontractor      



LVT installed 850 square feet on Palo Alto cafe.

“After” photo  shows off a comfortable environment in this Palo Alto athletic club’s cafe,                                         thanks to new LVT, luxury vinyl tile flooring


Workers to intstall new flooring after floor is prepped.

Elegant Floors crew hard at work before LVT was fully installed.