How To Repair Uneven Floors In Old Homes                                                         Slanting, Sloping and Sagging Floor Issues

Not all floor problems are the same. One category applies to floors that have a general, overall slant. The other applies to floors that might be generally level (from end to end) but might have sags or dips only in certain places

Why Do Wood  Floors Become Uneven or Sloping in Older Homes? Over time, the earth beneath some older homes will shift and settle which could lead to homes sinking toward the ground and which would make the walls no longer plumb.

Uneven floors mean there are possible foundation issues. Other issues can be structural members damaged by insects, weakened support beams, posts, or fasteners.

What Elegant Floors will do is come out to your home and carefully access your hardwood flooring issues. If we feel we can take care of your flooring issues, we will then provide you with an estimate, as well options. It’s very seldom that an Elegant Floor’s repair or new installation of hardwood flooring will not contain options, i.e., choices which also reflects price differences.

                                                  Another Option

After carefully inspecting your slanting, sloping or sagging floor, and if we feel there is structural damage to your flooring, we can call in a one of our foundation flooring solution contactor specialist that  Elegant Floors G.M. Scott used for his home’s sloping hardwood flooring issue

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Elegant Floors is a 25-year family run businesses that’s proud to take great  care of the hardwood flooring needs’ of homeowners throughout the entire South Bay area such as Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Palo Alto, Cupertino, Saratoga, Los Gatos and San Jose.

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               Gamble House historical hardwood flooring den and library white oak refinished by Elegant Floors.   

How To Repair Uneven Floors In Old Homes