Elegant Floors Helps Clients Choose Style & Durability  

A common wish list that clients rarely don’t check twice is: 1)  desiring a stylish hardwood flooring; 2)  but also one that boasts durability. And staying on budget is a given!  With more options than ever before in the wood flooring, industry, it’s imperative to for us, Elegant Floors, to be well-versed on what hardwoods are trending right now, and how they compare in pricing and performance.

Two current and highly popular choices are oak and maple. Oak is a classic wood that has been popular for decades. It’s known for its resistance to wear and is available in multiple finishes and colors to suit almost everyone’s style. Red oak has been extremely popular ages… But white is very in demand these days too.

When comparing the two species,  red oak is at a higher risk of water damage, which can lead to warping. Therefore, it is not the best choice to install near sinks. Red oak is also more prone to shrinking than white oak. On the other hand, red oak finishes and stains easier compared to other woods. No wood is perfect so one needs to consider the flooring’s placement.

Maple is similar to white and red oak flooring in that it’s strongly resistant to scratches, dents and dings. So Maple present a very popular — for  many reasons — a good third modern and popular hardwood flooring option.

Going back to our original premise, is that we’ll always caution our clients in choosing design over function. What looks great when installed, can be an entirely different story after it has been lived on for a few years.

What we point out to homeowners is the need to consider is will their flooring dent easily, change color, or show every bit of dust and dirt? These are major issues to consider for households where the flooring is in constant use.

A common mistake some flooring companies make is forgetting to ask the client if they have young children and/or pets;  also does anyone has allergies? We find it absolutely important to ask questions so we can understand the lifestyle of the household who will be using the flooring regularly. Clients may not want to hear this but function needs to be discussed because our goal is always about providing high-quality service and installation.

For example, clients need to be informed  that glossy-finished wood flooring can easily show scratches and pet hair. As we work to master the balancing act of function and design when it comes to hardwood flooring selection, remember this: our first and most important job is to understand our clients’ needs and lifestyle so that we help the select can an optimum flooring that they will hopefully love for decades.

We strive for our clients to view us  a knowledgeable and trusted resource, who have valuable opinions to share. We believe in honesty and integrity;  these are two business virtues we’ll never abandon. We’d like  our clients to be happy with Elegant Floors, and hopefully they’ll turn into good word-of-mouth marking tools for us!

Elegant Floors is a 25-year family run businesses. They’re proud to take great  care of the hardwood flooring needs’ of homeowners throughout the entire South Bay area such as Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Palo Alto, Cupertino, Saratoga, Los Gatos and San Jose.


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Refinish 1,800 square feet Red Oak flooring living room.
                                        Elegant Floors To The Rescue, With Meno Park Residential:  Refinish 1,800 square feet Red Oak flooring                                                                                            living room. Included sand,  prep, stain and three coats of water base, semi-gloss finish.






Elegant Floors Helps Clients Choose Style & Durability