As a Bay Area homeowner, you may have heard that installing hardwood floors in your home is a great way to boost your home’s value. But you also want to stay “green”, and utilize renewable resources. To that end, you’ve no doubt been intrigued by the possibility of using reclaimed wood flooring.

Here’s the scoop…

Using special milling processes, companies can reuse or “reclaim” wood from old structures, buildings, barns, etc. to use in your home. The wood thus becomes more than a commodity–it contains a kind of an innate heritage. For instance, maybe oak boards that used to grace a library erected from back in the 1700’s can be repurposed for your study.

In much the same way that some folks delight in antiquing, aesthetically-minded builders love the hardwood floor restoration process. Of course, when you reuse an older piece of wood, you need to put that wood through certain protective processes to ensure that it retains its luster, tone, and composition–and it doesn’t fall apart on you or cause problems like mold, infestation, etc.

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Installing Reclaimed Hardwood Floors