Hardwood Floor Installation vs Restoration and Repair

Palo Alto engineered hardwood floors installation

Hardwood floors are an attractive element in any home, but they also bear the brunt of everyday living. Common problems requiring hardwood floor restoration and repair include:

  • Stains from pets, foods, beverages, or other substances
  • Warping due to excess moisture or humidity
  • Chipping from animal scratching, moving furniture, or shoe scuffs
  • Dullness due to normal wear and tear

Deciding whether the time has come to refinish floors or seek new hardwood floors installation can be a complicated matter. The choice often comes down to several important factors, such as:

1. Appearance. Refinishing adds a brighter, shinier finish, but doesn’t change the condition or appearance of the wood beneath.

2. Budget. While refinishing can be quite affordable, installing a new hardwood floor is a significant investment.

3. Time constraints. Refinishing is a time-intensive process, requiring several days and often putting the area out of commission to homeowners. Replacement, however, takes much less time and effort.

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Should You Refinish or Replace Your Hardwood Floors?