Although many flooring contractors have been installing, sanding, and finishing hard wood floors for years, many  forget how seasonal changes affect the drying times of finish products. Whether  applying stains, sealers, or finishes, drying conditions will affect the way the products dry. Understanding your conditions will help minimize issues you could have on the job.

Some flooring professionals may fail to read instructions on a product being used because they’ve performed this same type of job “thousands of times before.” Even if it’s a product one has used for years, one needs to double-check the recommended dry times, as manufacturers may have changed their recommended dry times.

The No. 1 reason a flooring company gets complaints after finishing a job is due to the contractor rushing the job; for example, coating over a product before it completely dries or allowing a jobsite to resume to full service before the flooring is 100 percent completely dried and preserved. The following are the most common reasons hardwood floors dry times become mucked up:

Too heavy application rates

Too high humidity levels

Too low temperature

Lack of airflow

Coating a previous coat before it was dry

The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) states that flooring should be kept at 60 °F to 80 °F and 30 percent to 50 percent relative humidity. This happens to be similar to conditions in which many finish manufacturers claim their products perform the best. Even though we may be working in conditioned spaces, the weather outside can have an effect on how products dry, especially during the spring and fall when air conditioners/furnaces may not be running as often due to similar temperatures outside.

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