2012 is knocking at our door, and home and condo designers throughout the Bay Area are searching for the next best trends in flooring.

Our nation – and in particular, the Bay Area – seems to be on a perpetual “green trip.” We are obsessed with eco-friendly products, ideas, and trends, and chronic issues like global climate change feed this focus. Expect a lot of renewable materials, like wool, cork, bamboo, natural felt and bio-based carpet fibers (some are made of corn sugar). Mohawk Floorscapes manufactures some very interesting green products made of random materials, such as recycled soda bottles.

Forward thinking

Flooring experts expect that 2012 will see a return to Asian-inspired configurations: hand scraped hardwood floors, Zen Spa like porcelain tiles, minimalist bamboo floors, and a general uncluttered and “Feng Shui” starkness.
Along those lines – and related – we may see a return to at the Art Deco aesthetic. Picture teak, porcelain, honey-colored hardwoods, slate, pewter tiles, etc. You get the picture.

Of course, your flooring aesthetic will depend intimately on the nature of your space, your personality, your living conditions (e.g. do live with toddlers, or are you a swinging single?), your desire to adhere to the fashion foibles of the day (versus your need for iconoclasm), your budget, whether you have allergies or not, and your furniture and neighborhood.

To sort out the most appropriate and powerfully matched flooring concepts for 2012, connect with the San Francisco Bay professionals at Elegant Floors.

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2012 Floor Design Trends: Asian Invasion? Zen Spa? Something Else Entirely?
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