Sustainable Bay Area Wood Floors

Whether you’re shopping for hardwood floors to do a remodel, or you’re looking for well-priced, environmentally friendly wood floors in the Bay Area, give serious consideration to bamboo. Here are 5 reasons why:bamboo hardwood

1. Help “save the planet.”

To create traditional hardwood, you need to chop down trees, which can take a while to regrow. Bamboo grows really quickly, and it can be processed and used in a very environmentally friendly way.

2. Diversity.

Bamboo hardwood comes in practically every shade, grain, and color under the rainbow, which means that you can find the right kind of wood to match your aesthetic and the color scheme of your room.

3. Can take a licking and keep on ticking.

Bamboo is one of the most durable floor materials out there. Although it’s not impervious, it can resist forces that would dint ordinary floors – a great feature if you’re raising mischievous toddlers or rooming with scramble-y pets.

4. Beautiful aesthetics.

Bamboo floors are classy and gorgeous. They fit with many design schemes, including Japanese inspired aesthetics and modern San Francisco Bay Area “cutting edge” designs.

5. More affordable and easy to find than ever.

Thanks to market pressures, bamboo is becoming more and more popular among Bay Area home buyers and remodelers. This means that the prices are being driven down and that more diverse and cool types of bamboo are becoming available.

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5 Advantages of Bamboo Flooring
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