Engineered Wood Flooring For Your Bay Area Home

Why there is so much hype online about Bay Area engineered wood flooring? What do these floors have that standard hardwood floors lack? Here are 6 exciting benefits.

Image via Flickr
Image via Flickr

1. Increased moisture resistance

Standard solid wood floors can get mildewed and warped when they’re installed in damp locations, such as basements or semi outdoor patios. This relative moisture resistance can reduce your maintenance costs and also limit the likelihood that you’ll have to pay for expensive refinishing or costly cleaning to remove mildew and mold.

2. Lower installation costs, but identical resale value

Depending on the materials, an engineered floor can be much cheaper to install and maintain than a solid wood floor. But the resale value of your home will be basically the same, whether you put in engineered or solid wood.

3. Very long life

Obviously, the lifespan of your floor depends sensitively on dozens of factors, including the wear and tear it gets; the humidity and temperature conditions; the maintenance or (lack thereof) you do; the quality of the installation; and so forth. Depending on traffic, the average floor can last two to three decades. Some brands can be easily sanded and refinished multiple times – especially if they’re thick. The thickest floors can last up to eight decades!

4. New “Click-Loc” technology creates a seamless, smooth appearance

Click-Loc technology uses a unique system of tongue and grooves to ensure tight connections and a seamless aesthetic.

5. Diverse choices

You can find quality engineered floors made out of almost any species of wood.

6. Excellent choice if you’re doing a “Band-Aid” remodeling job

Rather than ripping out or gutting and refinishing an old hardwood or tile floor, apply an engineered floor on top to save time, money and frustration.

If you’re curious about whether engineered floors are right for you, please get in touch with the San Jose hardwood floors experts at Elegant Floors for a free estimate and astute guidance. Call today: 650-961-1339.

6 Exciting Benefits of Engineered Wood Floors
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