Bay Area Hardwood Floor Restoration and Repair

You just moved into a new Bay Area home, and you have a serious “fixer-upper” job on your hands. Or maybe you’re trying to clean up home that’s been ravaged by years of pets and toddlers scrabbling along your floors. In either case, you’d like insight into your refinishing options.

Traditionally, hardwood floor restoration and repair in Los Altos (and beyond) focuses on full blown refinishing. Workers strip off layers of wood and chemicals — creating a lot of dust and particulate matter in the process — and essentially rebuild and reseal the floor.

An alternative new option, called dustless floor refinishing, may be more to your liking.

Technically, no refinishing process is completely dustless, but advanced companies, like Elegant Floors, have excellent processes that can reduce dust to very low levels.

DustlessPicSmall_03Advantages of going dustless:

1. Traditional refinishing takes longer.

“Old school” refinishing can take a few days or more, depending on the size of the job, while dustless refinishing can be completed often within just one day.

2. The dustless route is cheaper.

Since it takes less time and requires less effort, the job is understandably less costly to complete.

3. Excellent choice for families, where people have allergies or sensitivities to dust.

More and more research implicates air pollution – particularly dust pollution – in an array of unpleasant respiratory ailments, including asthma, lung diseases, allergies, reactive airway disease, and weakened immune system. You want your floors to be more beautiful, but you ideally want to minimize any health problems.

No process is 100% pristine. Anytime you refinish your floor, you sand off layers and thus reduce its life. Some floors may be too damaged — thus, you must use traditional refinishing to fix them. Some dust and chemicals will still be volatilized in the process, so highly sensitive individuals will need to make appropriate preparations.

To get your job done right, connect with the team here at Elegant Floors. We will tell you honestly whether dustless or traditional refinishing makes the most sense, given your budget and what you hope to accomplish with the cleaning/beautification process. Connect with our Bay Area hardwood floors experts today to set up your free estimate.

Going “Dust Free” When Refinishing Your Bay Area Hardwood Floors