Is Brazillian Cherry Hardwood Right for Your Bay Area Home?

Brazilian cherry hardwood is an exotic, gorgeous choice for your Bay Area hardwood floors. Even the wood’s very name conjures up images like sweet cherry ice cream, dark rich colors, the smell of the fresh outdoors, etc. The hardwood actually is grown in a variety of countries throughout Latin America, including Nicaragua, Bolivia, Guatemala, Suriname, and Venezuela. When the wood is first cut, it is black striped with a salmon reddish color – delicious to gaze upon, even in its fresh stage. As it ages, the timber deepens into a thicker red. Manufacturers often expose the wood to direct sunlight for months to speed up this aging process. If you’re building a deck or other floor from this wood, maximize the “color enhancement” properties of the aging by using an oil-based finish.

Brazilian Cherry is also extremely hard, so it is excellent for heavy use regions, like your kitchen floor or hallway or rec room. It’s more than twice as tough as red oak and carbonized bamboo.

  • If you’re shopping for lumber, search for resin spots beneath the finish, which can indicate less desirable pieces, as well as white spots and silica debris, which can also indicate substandard product.
  • Cleaning up a Brazilian cherry hardwood floor is pretty simple: vacuum as need be, and use a gentle solution of glass cleaner and warm water once a month to beautify and eliminate grime and other debris.

Is this the right wood for your project?

Often, do-it-yourselfers in the Bay Area get excited about specific materials or tools, and they rush off to start their project… only to find themselves over budget, behind schedule, and seriously frustrated weeks or months later.

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