In order to properly maintain your hardwood kitchen floors it’s imperative keep constant lookout, so If anything spills, it can be wiped up ASAP.  And, you’ll never want to allow water to sit on the surface. Never!  It’s a great idea to schedule a day weekly to sweep or vacuum the floors regularly so as to eliminate them dirt and grit build-ups that can scratch the wood and wear away the finish.

Generally, it’s best to mop hardwood floors only occasionally and to do so with a lightly dampened mop or towel.

When hardwood flooring begins to become damaged and worn looking, you have the option of refinishing it. The process involves sanding the surface down beyond the wood’s finish and any other visual defects; you would then then applying stain (if you like) and a protective finish, the same as with any initial on-site finishing hardwood flooring job. Using the industry standard 3/4-inch-thick hardwood planks usually can  handle refinishing around 8-10 times over the lifespan of wood flooring.

If one maintains a floor with regular care and does not apply wax or oil that can prevent a bond with a new finish, you also have the option of recoating the floor’s finish every few years without having to re-sand the old finish

Be Cautious About Using  Prefinished Flooring In The Kitchen:

The drawback to this is that the planks that are prefinished are generally sold with rounded, beveled edges. That means that when they are installed, there are minute gaps that appear between the various pieces. This can allow water and other staining agents in a kitchen to slip down between the floorboards and start causing damage.

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Mountain Kitchen – approx. 250 square feet, sand and refinish with medium-brown stain and 3 coats semi-water-base finish.



Care & Maintenance of Hardwood Kitchen Floors