Worn old carpeting is never a  good look for a business, especially a café.

And especially if the café’s located in a private athletic club. Club members would be feeling good about themselves after a swim or weight-training or a vigorous game of tennis thanks to their endorphins.  Our bodies endorphin chemicals are produced naturally by the nervous system to cope with pain or stress which our bodies’ tend  to release after exercise.

They are often called “feel-good” chemicals and when produced by exercise, our body’s may feel a strong need to replenish our body with food  and hydration. Hence the importance of this particular sports club’s café — a natural money-maker as well as welcomed benefit to club members.

As this particular Palo Alto club’s café carpeting began to age because of wear, little by little club members started becoming turned off by the café’s drab appearance.  Truth be told, when the carpeting was rather new, about 6 years ago, the café had much more of a welcoming environment.

But by placing carpeting in high-traffic area where you know there are going to be beverages spilled and gooey food and sauces dropped and then ground in —  usually by mistake — by people accidentally stepping on meses, this carpeting was destined for the dumpster. And sooner the  better.

After club members mentioned to the staff that they enjoyed the food and beverages from the café but not the horrid carpeting, it finally hit home to as to why the café’s sales went from solid and turning a monthly profit to a monthly liability with food spoilage. This worn carpeting issue is not uncommon —  in the home or business —  as we all used to things being out of place or aging, without realizing things need sprucing up as new carpeting or even flooring as a replacement.

Lucky for management that one club member had mentioned Elegant Floors, a local a wood flooring contactor. They had made use of their services and was amazingly happy with the hardwood flooring installed throughout their house which replaced their worn boring carpeting.

To cut to the chase Elegant Floors visited the club and suggested LVT, Luxury Vinyl Tile  as replacement for the carpeting. They explained that LVT is much more practical floor application  for a café. As it not only looks like wood and is easily to clean but it will greatly enhance the aesthetics.

Elegant Floors removed the old carpeting and replaced it with LVT flooring.

It only took them three days from start to finish.  Day four brought club members back to the café with smiles, compliments plus their appetites. From then on, the sports club’s café became bustling space, morning, noon and night thanks to Elegant Floors.

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LVT installed 850 square feet on Palo Alto cafe.

“After” photo  shows off a comfortable environment in this Palo Alto athletic club’s cafe,                                         thanks to new LVT, luxury vinyl tile flooring


Workers to intstall new flooring after floor is prepped.

Elegant Floors crew hard at work before LVT was fully installed.

LVT To The Rescue! Luxury Tile Completely Changes Athletic Club’s Café’s Environment