Refinish Wood Floors the Dust-Free Way

You’re evaluating hardwood floor restoration or repair processes. Why should you bother using “dust-free” refinishing? What are the benefits? More importantly: what will you miss out on, if you choose a different method?

First of all, a “non-dust free” approach can be quite messy. Imagine your home and living room strewn with plastic and dust. Now imagine facing hours of annoying, nasty clean up chores to get rid of it all. When particles of dust enter your home’s ventilation and HVAC system, breathing problems often follow. If you have children with asthma, for instance, the proliferation of very small dust grains can irritate his lungs and potentially even cause him to suffer an asthmatic episode.

If you chronically inhale dust, you can develop allergy symptoms, which are frustrating. To relieve those symptoms, you might take medication, which can have its own unpleasant side effects (and cost a bundle). These inconveniences add up. When scoping hardwood floor refinishing projects, most people don’t consider the cost of allergy medications in their cost benefit analyses. But maybe they should!

When you opt for dust-free refinishing, you enjoy a host of benefits. You protect the workers who work in your home, and you get an excellent result, aesthetically speaking. The advantages go beyond how good your floors will look. You will not have to contend with dust particles raining down on your furniture or pay the costs of hiring a maid service to clean up the mess.

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Benefits of Dust-Free Hardwood Floor Refinishing