Are Your Bay Area Wood Floors Ready to Shine?

You recently purchased a new home, and you want to rip out the old yucky carpets (or tile and grout) and expose the hardwood floors underneath. Or perhaps you want to restore or upgrade your parent’s old home in preparation for sale. In any case, here are smart rules of thumb to remember.

What happened to your carpets (and floors) prior to the restoration process will dramatically dictate the strategies you should follow. Perhaps the previous owner laid the wood floors loosely or only attached the carpets on the edges. Or maybe the owner sloppily glued down the carpet over the wood. [Certain glues can damage wood underneath and make restoration more challenging.]

The first step is obvious: remove the old carpet and any residual “junk,” such as nails, glue, adhesive, etc. If the previous owner did use carpet glue, you may need to refinish the floor by sanding down the residue or using an adhesive remover. If the old owner nailed the carpet, you’ll need to fill in the nail holes.

Be aware: many old hardwood floors cannot withstand tough remediation techniques, such as sanding. The floors may be too old, brittle, warped, or otherwise corrupted. This is the perfect scenario for our “No-Sanding” Refinish Process we like to call RX for Wood Floors.

You also needed to scan (and potentially manage) water damage, mildew and mold damage, and termite and pest infestations.

A simple restoration job can turn out to be anything but. For instance, the wood might look normal on top; underneath, however, it may be corroded or rotten.

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Restoring Hardwood Floors That Have Been Hidden Under Carpet