The old adage, “There’s no substitute for experience,” has never been more applicable than for those companies who are involved in the construction improvement industry.

As a hardwood flooring contractor/company for both residential and commercial segments,  Elegant Floors has always prided itself in getting jobs done correctly, i.e., performing the workmanship to spec, and when possible provide beyond-expectations workmanship.      

The pros at Elegant Floors learned early on that even the seemingly smallest mistake — wood floor sanding, staining, refinishing and installation   — can result in major problems. And any “major problem” in this industry almost always translates to expense overages, in time and materials.     

Within the wood flooring industry, there’s always been a continuous learning curve both in product and application. So if one were to a choose fairly new flooring company over Elegant Floors, there’s  really no comparing the two companies’ abilities.

With 25 years of hands-on experience, Elegant Floors is better able to offer options and choices so they can meet the expecting results  that the client has in mind, than new-ish flooring company. And, in fact, exceeding expectations is really the company’s number 1 goal.

The industry is constantly changing, like most other industries, and selections, applications, prices and affordability change. For instance the trends have gone from unfinished floors to refinished floors; from laminate floors  to luxury vinyl floors. So with experience gained over time, Elegant Floors can consider all the factors  that will produce the best results toward the homeowner’s or commercial customer’s expectation.

Comparing EF to a Newer Floor Company

Simply put the more time you spend doing something and the more situations you encounter, the better advice you’re are able to share with the client; you’re able to guide them with what they’re looking for in making the optimum material choice in product while staying within their budget.

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After wood flooring refinishing Family room, Sunnyvale.

Elegant Floors Has Been Serving The South Bay Since 1996 “With 25 Years Experience, We’ve Learned A Few Things Along The Way”