Well this depends on a number of factors including the condition/age of your hardwood, how much  you like your current hardwood and what your budget looks like.

Generally, it should almost always cost less to refinish your hardwood floors than replace them.  Aside, from the new-wood expense If you replace them, you’ll also be paying for the labor involved in pulling up and hauling away your existing wood flooring.

If you plan on refinishing the floors but sections of your hardwood are damaged (pet stains or minor water stains), these boards can be replaced when your floor is refinished.  Even if you replace some portions and refinish the vast majority of your wood floors, it will still be less costly then replacing the entire wood flooring

So, even though is less expensive the refinish than replace your hardwood flooring, there are times when it makes good  sense to go with new hardwood flooring.

  1. If your floors are extremely old — 100 years — and worn, and have been refinished many times, it may be time for a new floor. 

2)  If you can see the “tongue” where the boards fit together, it’s probably time for a new floor.

3)  If your floors are rather bouncy and/or don’t seem very sturdy, it’s time for a new floor.

4) Holiday Gatherings: It you’ve suddenly decided to plan on hosting holiday parties and your wood floors are a “mess,” replacing the floors will usually take less time than refinishing them.

Refinishing can be  time consuming,  especially  if you’re home is fully furnished, and have furniture everywhere.

When it comes to deciding refinish or replace your hardwood floors, you want to consult with an expert wood flooring contractor, like Scott from Elegant Floors. Give him a call and he’ll be happy to come out to your home for a free consultation . Scotts will also provide you with free estimates for refinishing or the sales and installation of new wood floors:

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After wood flooring repairs
Becautifull new red oak flooring  installed in this modern dining room of this Palo Alto residence.


The Big Decision: Is It Better To Refinish Hardwood Floors Or Replace Them With New hardwood?