The Elegant Floors team has developed two highly successful, easy to implement, inexpensive processes to help you beautify your floors.

Perhaps your Bay Area home’s wooden floors have been gouged and scratched thanks to your resident dogs and/or children. Or maybe you’re remodeling a condominium that overlooks the Bay, and you’re struggling to figure out how to deal with dull, worn finishes and scuff marks left by the previous owner. The team here at Elegant Floors has developed two highly successful, easy to implement, inexpensive processes to help you beautify your floors.

1. RX for Wood Floors

This excellent product does away with many traditional floor beautification processes, such as sanding, and it eliminates the need for special ventilation or odor removal systems. Even better, RX for Wood Floors burnishes the wood’s innate color. This rejuvenation system uses a urethane process to restore floors to their previous beauty and get rid of penetrating scuff marks, scratches due to heavy traffic, gouges, and dullness.

We can execute the RX for Wood Floors process in just a day, in general. First off, we use “virtual sanding” (using chemicals) to eliminate the previous finish to prep the floor for a better top coat. This is simpler than conventional sanding, and it doesn’t release tiny little particles of dust and old finish into the air. The next step requires the expertise of the Elegant Floor professionals; we will repair the surface and apply the finish. Finally, the RX for Wood Floors product catalyzes the finish and locks in the beautiful restored aesthetic.

2. The BonaKemi Atomic Dust Containment System (DCS)

People often fear sanding their hardboard floors because of the dust that the process produces. This dust not only annoys, but it can also provoke allergies or even asthma attacks. Dust can linger in air ducts and cause problems for weeks.

The Atomic DCS System is a healthier, speedier, and cleaner way to go. Essentially, the system uses a super powerful vacuum to suck out airborne dust before it can leach into your air ducts and other areas. A sealed hose snakes from a trailer parked outside of your home to the sanding equipment that our technicians use. The dust gets sucked out of your home instantaneously, preserving the clean air in your environment.

If you’d like more information about either RX for Wood Floors or the Bona Atomic DCS process, please get in touch with the team at Elegant Floors today. Find out more at



Two Powerful Processes for Beautiful Floors in the Bay Area