Your hardwood floors used to look gorgeous. But wear and tear from pets, kids, the sun, grit, and who-knows-what-else have worn them down. So you now need to restore them. The big questions are: how and with what?

HardwoodFloor058You can use chemical cleaners or put the floors through a sanding process. But sanding can damage your floors in several ways. First of all, it can alter the coloration. Secondly, it creates clouds of particulates, which can get into your vents and cause allergy and asthma issues. Indoor air pollution is no small problem. Sanding is also messy; it can be a big, expensive production.

Is there an alternative solution?

The team here at Elegant Floors loves a no sanding refinishing process called RX for Wood Floors. This excellent product uses a patented urethane system that eliminates the need for sanding, fixes floors without creating odors or piles of debris, and costs approximately 50 percent as much as standard sanding work. Our team can complete the process in single day.

Some of the common problems that we can fix with this process include:

  • scuff marks – these marks effectively tattoo the finish and create permanent marks;
  • scratches – pet nails, dragged furniture, etc can cut through the finish and create unseemly lines;
  • worn finish – loss of color and brightness due to years of degradation and weathering.

Whether your floors got damaged in a single accident (e.g. a piece of furniture dragged along the floor), or kids and pets wore them down over years, with dirty sneakers and claws and nails, you want results. Here’s how the process works.

Step #1: Virtual sanding.

During this process, we chemically rub off the hardwood floor’s old finish to prep for a new top coat. It’s simpler and cleaner than traditional sanding.

Step #2: Touch up the floor and repair it.

Gouges, scratch marks, scuffs, pits, and other problem areas are managed and removed.

Step #3: Finishing.

The RX for Wood Floors formula is applied. This catalyzed wood finish meshes effectively with the original finish to create a wonderful, beautiful look that’s durable and tough.

For help with hardwood floor restoration and repair in the Bay Area — or to learn more about alternatives to traditional sanding — get in touch with Elegant Floors today by calling 650.961.1339.

RX for Hardwood Floors: The No Sanding Refinishing Process
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