Hardwood Floor Water Damage Control

Water damage repairs can be quite complex and costly, whether you’re tweaking your hardwood floor or refinishing your living room or a new kitchen. As with most things in life, prevention is a lot cheaper than repair. That said, here are 3 signs that you need to call a hardwood floor restoration and repair specialist, ASAP.

1. The floorboards are warped, mildewed, peeling, rotted, or otherwise “don’t look right.”
Just because you find one or two floorboards that look bad does not mean you’ve necessarily found the root of the wood floors‘ problem. Broken pipes, leaky faucets, and damaged roofs can all create water damage that leads to problems far from the source of the leak.

2. Odd smells, particularly of mildew or mold.
The same caveat as above applies. Just because you identify the source of bad smell (e.g. mildew or mold under a carpet, at the bottom of the floor board plank, etc.) doesn’t mean that you’ve identified the true source of the leak.

3. Leaks in the ceiling, underneath hardwood floors.
For instance, let’s say that your basement rec room is situated right below your dining room. The dining room might look (and smell) fine. But you notice water spots or watermarks on the ceiling of the rec room. That means a leak could be occurring at the dining room floor level (or just below) that could be putting your floor boards at risk – not to mention creating venues for mold spores, mildew, and other nastiness to grow.

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3 Signs of Hardwood Floor Water Damage