Do not refinish a dirty floor! Refinishing your hardwood flooring is the best method to maintaining their natural beauty and elegant look; remember your flooring sets the design tone for all your home’s rooms.  And whenever you refinish any of your wood floors, you have to do this task properly in order to achieve the optimum end results.

If you plan on finishing a floor without properly prepping then cleaning it, the finish may not adhere itself evenly — you flooring could end looking horrible. It’s imperative before finishing your hardwood floors  that you clean them thoroughly to prevent pet hair, dust, dirt and debris from getting stuck in the finish. It’s also important to make sure you make use of the correct finish for your wood floors.

If the materials you use are not 100 percent well suited, the finish can peel and crack, destroying that gorgeous appearance you want your floors to obtain.

The best method in refinishing your flooring is to not do it yourself. This it not like cutting you grass or painting a room. Call Elegant Floors of Sunnyvale, owner-operated hardwood flooring company that has been taking care of the flooring needs of South Bay residents for 25 years.

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A refinished hardwood floor.

What a difference, eh?  A before & after living room’s hardwood flooring in Los Altos.

Before refinishing the floor.



How To Avoid One Horrible Mistake Before Refinishing Hardwood Flooring Clean That Floor First