Cracks and holes in floors – be they blights on your San Francisco Bay mansion or newly remodeled Bay Area apartment building – can be hugely annoying, costly to fix, and time consuming to repair…especially if you defer the repair job.

Holes can lead to air circulation irregularities, which can in turn lead to the build up of moisture, dust, and mold. Holes can make ideal hiding spots for pets, bugs, and vermin. They are also serious tripping hazards – for yourself, your family and any guests who visit your premises. Holes degrade the aesthetics of your abode. They also create stress, since their very existence means there’s yet one more nagging task on your to-do list.

Solutions – How to Fix Cracks and Holes in Floors

If the floorboard is split, you can often solve the problem simply by nailing two nails through the board, towards the center and skewed towards the joist. The two nails will create pressure to close up the crack.

Gaps can be filled with wood slivers that can be glued into place. You can also “undo” your floorboard layout and re-lay it out to eliminate the gaps. Alternatively, you can use clamps to eliminate gaps and screw them in.

Here’s a quick way to fill your holes fast:

  • First, check the floor for irregularities and dry it and clean it.
  • Second, find mortar specifically designed for your type floor, style and color.
  • Remove any loose material.
  • Brush the crack or hole with an adhesive solution. Then apply the mortar.
  • Use water and an adhesive solution to cement the solution and use a trowel to make it all level.

To protect yourself and others, put up a sign along the lines of “do not walk on this patched-up floor unless you want to ruin my day.”

For professional help with your Bay Area floor crack or hole issue, turn to the experienced, credentialed professionals at Elegant Floors. Find out more about how we work at, or call us at 650-961-1339 for a consultation.

How to Repair Cracks and Holes in Floors
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