Choosing Bay Area hardwood flooring for your office suite, home, condo or apartment can be a far more diverse challenge than most people realize at first. Whether you are a landlord who is trying to gut and rebuild some units or a homeowner who has got the “spring remodeling” bug, this article will provide you insights about how to choose the best wooden flooring.

1. Pick the right kind of timber.

Beechwood, oak, hardwood, and other hardwoods are ideal for high traffic areas, such as walkways, porches that get used a lot, kitchens, etc. Softwoods, like pine, are better for lower traffic areas, like a special dining room. The timber you choose can also affect your aesthetics – bamboo floors, for instance, are appropriate for some homes but obviously not all.

2. Choose the right wood “grade” for your task.

There are two basic grades to choose from: rustic and select. Rustic is cheaper. Select is generally more even, with fewer color variations and no (or minimal) knots or other patterns. Rustic may be more appropriate for certain types of room or aesthetics. If you are building a cabin in the woods – a ski vacation house, for instance – you might want the rustic “full of knots and gnarls and patterns” look because that’s the aesthetic of ski chalet.

3. Choose the right treatments for you floor.

In almost all cases, you will want to “finish” the wood flooring somehow by applying components like waxes, lacquers, wood oils, etc. Different finishing products can induce different properties – making the floor shinier, more water resistant, smoother looking, darker or lighter in color, etc.

4. Choose the right upkeep.

While it’s true that wooden floors tend to collect less dirt, dust, mites, and dander than carpets do; you still face upkeep challenges. Sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, and quarterly “deep cleanings” can all improve longevity of your floors. If you live in the Bay Area, please connect with the team here at Elegant Floors to provide refinishing, installation, and old floor restoration work. We’ve been working for the good people of Santa Clara County for more than two decades, providing top level customer satisfaction and workmanship. Call our Diamond Certified experts now at (650) 961-1339, or explore more about how we can help you choose and maintain the right floor for your job at


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