Whether you just finished a kitchen remodeling job that’s gone great except for a squeaky board right under the table; or you’re fixing up an old building and the floorboards are squeaking everywhere, this article provides action packed advice to help you identify the sources of squeak and remedy them ASAP.

Understanding Squeaks

A wooden floor “squeaks” when the wood rubs against piping, wood, duct work, nails, or other objects.

To Find Squeaks

Find someone to help you, and have him or her spring up and down on various floorboards while you listen from the subfloor. Measure and identify where the squeak is – find the source.

Options for Solving Squeaks

  1. Using Wood Shims – Push the shims through the gap between the subfloor and the joist – the place where you’ve identified the squeak is emanating from. Be careful not to jam the shims in too hard, or you will increase the gap and make the problem worse. Test the shim solution. Does it damp out the squeak? If so, use construction adhesive to finish the job and fill in any extra irregularities.
  2. Try Talcum Powder! – Especially for old floors – ones with lots of nails – the talcum powder solution can be quick, cheap, and easy. Find the squeaky part of the floor and then sprinkle talcum powder over it. Make sure it gets down into the floor and the cracks. The powder will reduce the friction between the nails and the floor and thus potentially solve the squeak.
  3. Use a 2×4 to seal the gap and stop the movement of the floor joist. The 2×4 should be longer than the gap that needs to be covered – and make sure you remove nails from the joist first.
  4. Use adhesive to secure the problematic joist. Construction adhesives are powerful smelling chemicals, so make sure you ventilate the room before, during, and after you work.
Are your wood floors as quite as a mouse?

Need help?

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Emergency First Aid for Squeaky Floors
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