Luxury vinyl tile are waterproof planks which makes it relatively simple to clean your LVT flooring. And though it’s a waterproof product — just one of its strong selling points —  you don’t want to drench your flooring. Keep in mind that whatever you choose to clean your floors with, always go light on the liquid: a little bit goes a long way as standing water can damage or stain vinyl flooring

Initially: You may want you use a soft-cloth cotton mop or a soft-bristle broom to sweep and pick up dust any other particles.

Cleaning Solutions — Warm Water: If your LVT flooring is a year old or less, you can probably get away with using a slightly damp mop or towels that you’ve retired from from the bathroom.

Cleaning Solutions — Dish Soap & Warm Water:

When using dish soap — Ivory, Joy, Palmolive, Dawn — and warm water, you’ll want mix a solution of an ounce dish soap to a about a gallon of warm water. Take note of how your LVT flooring reacts afterwards to this solution. Soap may work as a great vinyl floor cleaner, but soap scum may leave a film that actually collects dirt.

Cleaning Solutions — Apple Cider Vinegar: This is one of the best cleansers for vinyl flooring  The acidity in the vinegar helps remove dirt and grime without leaving a buildup of soap or wax. Simply mix one cup of cider vinegar with a gallon of hot water and use a damp mop to clean, rinsing the mop frequently with hot water.

Mops: If you’re using a cleaning solution other than water, it’s best to make use of two mops: one to apply the cleaning solution and a second to rise your flooring. Also it’s best to use a microfiber mop — not a string mop which will be difficult to squeeze out the liquid without causing a mess.

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