Ok look at your carpeted stairways long and hard. Are you in love with what you see? Of course you’re not! Whether it was you or the previous homeowner who opted for carpeted stairs, it’s really not a pretty site, now,  is it?

Face the facts: Carpeted stairs are akin to Gremlin autos of the 1970s. Google the auto if you’re not familiar with the Gremlin or can’t quite recall what they look like. Caution: don’t stare too long!

Whatever it took for you to wake up one day and to realize that you your carpeted stairs are not God’s gift to mankind, consider yourself lucky that it finally hit home.  That stuff has to go!

So what to do?  You can call Elegant Floors of Sunnyvale, a family-owned hardwood flooring contractor and installed. They’ve proudly served  the greater Bay Area for more than 25 years. They will offer expert consultation as “stairs’’  is one of their specialties. 

Plus, you’ll have choices with Elegant Floors; they’ll show you any number of beautiful species of hardwood flooring samples, and the same with waterproof LVT (luxury vinyl tile) and LVCF (luxury vinyl composite flooring); both LVT and LVCF have the appearance of hardwood but cost less, that’s just one of the reasons they are both becoming popular alternatives to hardwood floors.

Ever the stickler for details, if you need  particular wood and a custom stain so your new hardwood floor stairway will perfectly match a landing, you can count on Elegant Floors to the job you expected of them.

Note the work and beautiful wood stairs installed by Elegant Floors’ crews to homes in Los Altos and Palo Alto

For information and estimates call Teri or Scott at:

(650) 961-1330 or 408) 773-8624  |  https://elegant-floors.com

Before installing LVT After installing LVT

Replace Carpeted Stairs with Hardwood Flooring Adds Beauty And Value To Your Home