Parquet flooring is a visually exciting – potentially even exotic – way to enliven your room or home, whether you’re remodeling a Bay Area condominium or designing your Palo Alto “dream home” from scratch. Parquet mosaics are relatively easy to install; and the best examples look like professional works of art. They can work with various types of architecture, from classical to ultra modern to arts & crafts. Parquetry is far more diverse than most remodelers realize.

Choosing your pattern, color, texture, wood, etc.

Choices abound for your parquet flooring adventure. Common patterns include chevron, brick, basket, and herringbone. You can also opt for flower themes or for customized, exotic designs. Likewise, the types of wood that you can use to construct patterns are basically unlimited.

Common wood varieties used in parquet include cherry, pine, walnut, oak, and mahogany. Just make sure that the flooring pattern and colors mesh with the overall purpose and aesthetic of your architecture, furniture and other design elements.

Parquet floor maintenance

Maintaining parquet floors does require some work, but these floors are no more difficult to care for than standard wooden floors. Avoid obvious mistakes, such as letting spilt water seep into the wood and rot it out. Sweep and mop your floors regularly. If there are certain “high traffic areas” that you can identify, put an area rug over those sections to avoid uneven wear and tear. When you clean parquet floors, make sure to use non abrasive cleaners and cleaning tools.

Building/assembling your parquet flooring project

If you have a lot of time, and if you are generally handy, you could try to build and assemble your own parquet floor. But be aware: a customized, original project could be a monumental undertaking. For a free consultation from experienced professionals who know hardwood flooring inside and out, connect with the team here at Elegant Floors. We’ll provide a free and friendly consultation about your design or remodeling needs.


Creating Visual Interest: Parquet Flooring
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