Elegant Floors is a family-owned hardwood flooring business, and has been serving the South Bay for more than 20 years. They’re experts in all i facets of hardwood flooring such as flooring sales, installation of hardwood floors, dust-free refinishing of hardwood floors and refinishing hardwood floors.

Elegant Floors counts homeowners, businesses of all sizes, realtors plus contractors, both residential and commercial, as clients. They also install, repair refinish (indoor) basketball courts and gymnasium floors, for schools, fitness clubs and more.

What gives Elegant Floors an edge over their flooring competition is: a) experience; b) adhering to a philosophy of quality-only workmanship; c) a commitment to completing jobs on time;
d) price.

Price? Yes. Elegant Floors takes pride in providing fair and competitive pricing. They’re not looking to gouge people, never have, never will. Why? Aside from striving to please all clients with their quality work, Elegant Floor wants clients to feel good about the entire flooring process.

Also, happy clients might again be in need of future Elegant Floors’ services such as repairs and refinishing; also sales and installation when satisfied customers are looking to add new hardwood flooring to more rooms.

Here’s an interesting fact: almost 50% of all Elegant Floors new hardwood flooring work comes by way of referrals. Yes, what goes around comes around. So, it’s no wonder that Elegant Floors has flourished for so many years!

If you have questions or are in need of an estimate (free, of course) please contact us: 408) 773-8624  | https://elegant-floors.com/
Refinish gyms and basketball hardwood flooring, South Bay.

Residential, Commercial, Schools & More, Elegant Floors Handles All Your Hardwood Flooring Needs