Rx for Wood Floors: Just What the Doctor Ordered

You love your hardwood floors dearly. But you’re confused about how to keep them looking beautiful and rejuvenated.  Many home restoration professionals and floor cleaners use a violent sanding process to refinish floors. But sanding has distinct disadvantages:

  1. The color of your floors can be changed by the sanding process.
  2. Sanding produces dust clouds, fine dust and particulate matter, which can linger in your home or apartment for days afterwards.
  3. Sanding creates a mess and can be significantly costly.

An alternative to the traditional sanding approach

RX for Wood Floors is an award winning, revolutionary product that can rejuvenate your hardwood floors through a patented urethane process. Here are a few benefits of the process:

  • No sanding needed!
  • Floors refinished with zero mess or odor.
  • Costs half as much as traditional sand finishing.

Whether your floors have been scuffed, scratched, gouged, or dulled down by years of use, the RX for Wood Floors process can vanquish contaminants, restore the surface and finish, and save you time and money.  Here is a breakdown of the three steps involved. (The professionals at Elegant Floors can perform this refinishing process for you in just one day).

1. “Virtual sanding”

During the first stage, technicians remove the old finish to prep the new top coat using a specialformula that sands the floor without actually “sanding it.”

2. Repairs and touch-up

Before refinishing the floors, technicians will identify and repair damage to the floors, such as scuff marks, scratches (from pets or furniture legs), gouges (often found in heavy traffic areas), and other unsightly marks.

3. Apply the finish

A specialized catalyzed wood finishing process leaves your floors looking attractive, beautiful, and clear – for years to come.

If you’re interested in learning more about the RX for Wood Floors process, connect with the professionals at Elegant Floors for a free estimate. We are a family-owned business; we’ve served the Bay Area Peninsula for years.  Contact our Mountain View, CA offices for more information at 650-961-1339, or explore resources and videos at www.elegant-floors.com.


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Rx for Wood Floors | The No Sanding Dust-Free Sanding Refinishing Process