Matching paint with wood floors tipsTips on matching your hardwood floor stain with your wall paint color.

What are the best colors to paint your walls and trim? A huge constellation of factors comes into play. However, if your rooms have hardwood flooring, two components will be especially critical: 1) the colors and undertones of the wood and 2) your personal style. Study your floor, and decide how neutral or bold you want to be.

Almost every hardwood or engineered hardwood floor looks great with neutral colored paint. White, cream, tan and taupe generally qualify as neutral (depending on the color of your floor, of course). Accents such as pillows, lamps, and rugs can add pops of color if the room starts to resemble a movie set depicting a colorless, dystopian, robot-ruled future.

Neutral Plus
For those who want a little color but who don’t want to go too bold, choose a color that is similar to the undertones of the wood. For hardwood flooring with a golden, orange or reddish undertone, use warm colors like butter yellow or terracotta. Gray or ash-colored wood do well when paired with cooler colors, such as blue or green.

If you want a dramatic room, look again to the undertones of the hardwood flooring, and select the colors that are opposite of those on a color wheel. Floors with golden undertones will now be matched with lavender and reddish tones with sage green. Grey and ash-colored floors would be paired with a soft peach.

Contrast Plus
Play up the light and dark contrast by pairing dark floors with light walls and vice versa. For rooms with light-colored hardwood floors, paint the walls a deep burgundy. When the floors are a dark mahogany, brighten the room with a peach or light gold paint.

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Best Interior Paint Colors to Match Hardwood Floors