If you are dealing with an honest hardwood flooring contractor and/or a showroom store, they should not be trying trying and steer you into 100 percent wood flooring for your entire house.

Forget The Laundry Room
Wood floors don’t belong in your laundry room. When you consider the potential damage to wooden floors from leaks, pools of water and spilled detergent, go with flooring that is more water resistant. Stay away from wood and go with a sturdy option like tile instead, even water-resistant LVT.

Forget the Foyer
Do you really want dirt and sand are constantly being tracked in? Think of water and moisture from wet shoes and your hardwood flooring entryway will quickly go south!

The Bathroom Floors
Do not be tempted to have hardwood bathroom flooring. Bad idea!Hardwood flooring really is a horrific match for bathrooms. It’s not secret that moisture can cause major damage to hardwood floors over time. Things like steamy showers and spills can prematurely age wood floors and creating damage.

For immediate destruction to wood flooring an overflowing toilet could quickly happen spell the end for your wood floors. There is also the threat of mold. Wood flooring is especially a poor choice in a bathroom if you have a household with younger children. An option like tile is a much better choice because of the way it is capable of handling moisture.

What About the Kitchen?
Hardwood has a place in every home, but definitely not every room. Forget thinking about wooden flooring in the kitchen. Like the bathroom, leaking faucets, broken pipes and dishwashers will certainly cause permanent damage to your wood flooring.Consider engineered flooring, LVT. It resists moisture better than solid hardwood. And it looks like hardwood!

Waterproof LVT (luxury vinyl tile) tile is not only smart choice your for kitchen but a beautiful choice too!

What Rooms Should Not Not Have Hardwood Flooring Installed?