Oak flooring is the most favorite tree strain use for hardwood flooring. And with good reason – oak is easily available, affordable, hardy and stunningly exquisite What some people don’t know is there are two different genus of oak flooring readily available – red oak and white oak.

If you’re planning on having new hardwood flooring installed either species will generally work out just fine. The wood you select may depend on the end-use and color you have in mind for the room’s overall look. Both are strong and rank high on the Janka hardness listing. The biggest difference between the costs of red oak flooring and white oak flooring may vary a little depending on regions. However, costs are generally the same

So, what are the biggest differences between red oak and white oak flooring?
Grain. Red oak can have a stronger grain pattern, with more variation. White oak has a smoother, more uniform appearance. Some folks preference might be the strong graining of red oak – both for the appearance and because the strong graining does hide scratches and dents quite well. Others prefer the cleaner simpler visuals that white oak is known for.

Matching Existing Stairs. If you are intent on matching current stairs, knowing what wood they is imperative in planning your decision which hardwood to purchase. Typically, you will want an exact match any flooring to the stairs they will be butted into. Mind you that Red oak is more common in stair treads, saddles, banisters and other transitions than white oak. And chance are, If you already have oak stairs, they’re probably red oak. However, if you are building new stair treads or replacing the old, choose whichever oak species you’re more passionate about.

Red oak or white oak, they’re both beautiful, you will not lose from choosing one oak over the other. When one gazes at oak flooring, the warmth and elegance just draws you in. 

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Red oak hardwood flooring.
White oak solid hardwood flooring.
White oak solid hardwood flooring.

What’s the Difference Between Red Oak Flooring and White Oak Flooring?