President Obama’s America’s Great Outdoors Initiative has won praise from conservationists and industry groups alike. This balanced program is designed to protect American jobs and conserve the country’s most gorgeous landscapes for future generations. And the Forest Legacy Program in 2012 has granted over $52 million in “working forest” projects!

What Is a “Working Forest”?

Basically, it is a forest that simultaneously serves as a place for both recreation and industry. Wild life habitats are protected, as are watersheds and soil reserves. The forests provide recreation, sightseeing (aesthetics) and timber. The Forest Service uses special processes to help choose these socially and ecologically critical projects. The mission is to avert the threat of converting these precious wildernesses into other land uses.

Practical Benefits for You, as a Hardwood Floor Consumer

Consumers of quality, ecologically “friendly” timber should celebrate. The $52.2 million grant will ultimately allow you to enjoy more high quality, eco-friendly American grown timber.

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President Obama’s New “Working Forest” Program Grants $52.2 Million for 2012
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