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Holidays and get-togethers are lovely, and hosting parties is always fun.  You get family time and meet many friends you missed for a long time. They’re usually even better when you get to host the party for your friends and family at your home. The fun never seems to end. You dance, sing your hearts out and drink a few bottles of wine. But then, you think about what your home will look like after it’s all said and done.

The condition of your hardwood floor could stand in your way of enjoying your own party at home. You’re worried that the guests dancing in stiletto heels will leave ugly, permanent scratches on the floor. Now that can be a total turn off to the partying mood. But worry not; this post gives easy tips to prevent your floor from common party floor damage:

4 Ways to Prevent Common Floor Damage

1. Maintenance is a must

It doesn’t matter what kind of floor you have; maintenance will always be necessary. Before the party, make sure your floors have been swept, vacuumed and any stains removed. When your guests leave and it’s time to clean, pay attention to fresh spills and stains. For the stubborn stains and unreachable areas, you can call the professionals to help as soon as possible.

2. Stick to a no-shoe policy

Shoes are only useful outdoors. Inside your house, they can be a source of problems for your floors. They bring in wetness, dirt and tracks of who knows what. Ask your guests to remove their shoes at the door. If they must, inform them ahead of time to come with a pair of slippers or socks, especially in the summer when sandals are popular.

3. Place sticky felt pads under all movable furniture

You may have to rearrange your house for the party. Your guests may also insist on moving a chair from one side of the room to another. Your hardwood floor will be on the receiving end with scratches staring at you after the party. To be on the safe side, buy sticky felt pads for under your furniture legs to allow them to glide seamlessly over your hardwood.

4. Use rugs and floor runners

There is always that one place where all guests gravitate to. This is where your hardwood floor (or carpet) will get the most beating. Take preventative measures by placing floor runners and area rugs in these areas. They just may save the day and your floor will be as good as new when the party is over.

Make a great impression with hardwood floor refinishing

When you throw a party for your friends and family, the least of your worries should be your floors. Our South Bay hardwood floor refinishing team understands your needs and will make sure the after-party is never about counting your losses. With engineered hardwood floor installation, we’ve given avid party hosts a reason to do it more often with no worries about floor damage.

With our satisfied customers, skilled South Bay hardwood floor installation professionals and years of experience, your hardwood floors are in great hands. Give us a call at 408-773-8624 or contact us online for professional assistance.

How to Protect your Hardwood Floors When Hosting a Party