When you invested in Bay Area floor installation or repair, you had a goal in mind. You envisioned a beautiful, immaculate wood floor. You pictured walking into your living room, guest suite, or whatever — and gazing upon rich, clean mahogany or oak, etc.

Image via Flickr
Image via Flickr

What you didn’t picture was dust bunnies everywhere. Yuck. They make your floors look gross and your house look untidy.

Dust bunnies are not just annoying because they’re unsightly. They also harbor dust mites and other allergens that can cause breathing problems and asthma attacks. The composition of dust bunnies depends on the sources of debris, which can include human and pet hair and dander, dust, scraps of paper, fur, and random detritus from art projects or even from food preparation.

To battle back against the dust and dirt, you need to set up a maintenance system. Aim to clean once a week. Adjust your cleaning regimen, as need be, depending on results and the level of cleanliness you want to attain. Battling bunnies requires a combination of common sense and not so common sense. Use a soft mop or Swiffer to sweep up the most visible bunnies. Be watchful for grit and other particles. If you mop too hard — or use the wrong type of broom — the grit can grind against the floors, causing hardwood damage. In addition, use an appropriately outfitted vacuum cleaner — ideally one with a HEPA filter — to suck up small particulates.

Lastly, identify and deal with the source of the bunnies. If you keep cats in the house, their dander might be “enemy #1,” for instance.

Whether you have big clean up project, or you want help installing or repairing Bay Area wood floors, get in touch with the experienced team at Elegant Floors. Find out more about our services and history here at www.elegant-floors.com, or call to set up a free estimate now.

Bay Area Wood Floors Experts Offer Insightful Tips for Keeping Dust Bunnies Away
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