Basic Differences Between Unfinished vs. Prefinished Hardwood

Are you a homeowner researching the different types of hardwood floor installation? If so, you may be trying to figure out whether to opt for prefinished boards or unfinished boards. This short primer will explain these two methods and help you make a more productive choice.

Unfinished Hardwood Floors Installation – The Basics

Unfinished boards are shipped from the factory without sanding, staining or other “touch up” work. Once the boards are on site, the installer needs to sand and finish them, dry and cure them, etc. You can custom stain boards, match them with furniture and do customized inlays with them. Some types of woods are only available as unfinished boards.

Prefinished Hardwood Floors Installation — The Basics

At the factory, workers apply a coat of stain and sometimes bevel the ends; they also do all the sanding and finishing work. Whereas unfinished boards are only available with square ends, prefinished boards can be more diversely styled. They are generally faster to install and generate less grit and dust — good news, if you have small kids or pets at home who might be sickened (or just inconvenienced) by the fumes created by finishing. The factory processes can create resilient, durable boards; and many products come with extensive warranties.

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Prefinished vs. Unfinished Hardwood Floor Installation