What to Do When Wax Ends Up on Your Hardwood Floors


Candle Wax on Engineered Hardwood Floors Children of the 1980s still vividly remember Mr. Miyagi (from the movie, The Karate Kid) imploring his young protégé, Daniel-san, to wax his car – a subtle way of teaching him the value of repetitive practice and muscle memory for key karate defenses. But what happens when real life wax winds up on your floors? Do you need a professional hardwood floor repair team to come to the rescue, or can you handle the job yourself?

 Here are two tips from the trenches:

  1. Use a gentle and safe heating element to liquefy the wax, and then mop it up with a cloth.
    For instance, you can (safely!) use an iron or even a hair dryer to melt down the wax, being careful not to damage the hardwood floor in the process. Avoid leaving these items on too long, and never “set it and forget it.” Even a hairdryer left running can be a major fire hazard, and then fixing the floors will be the least of your problems.
  2.  Take the opposite tack – freeze the wax for easier peeling and removal.
    Using an ice pack (ideally sealed, so you don’t drip water on the floor, which can stain and discolor the floor), chill the wax until it’s brittle, and then break it up and scrape it away.

Hardwood Floor Repair is Sometimes Best Left to the Pros

If neither the by-fire or the by-ice approach works – or if the wax spill caused damage – it may be time to call in the pros. The team here at Elegant Floors can help you with diverse challenges, including hardwood floors installation. Call today at (650) 961-1339 or (408) 773-8624.

Wax On, Wax Off