5 Reasons to Choose Hardwood Floor Installation

Saratoga hardwood floors Installation

For hundreds of years, people have loved hardwood flooring as a durable, beautiful, and unique material. No two hardwood floors are identical. Although different floors may use the same type of wood, the type of grain you choose uniquely affects the floor’s aesthetic, durability, resistance to mold and other degradation and color scheme.
Here are five sensible reasons to opt for the hardwood option, whether you’re renovating a kitchen, building an addition or restructuring your porch after a flooding incident:

Installation. The hardwood floors installation process is fairly simple and straightforward. While a “DIY” job can be challenging, you can easily find an installer to assist. He or she will set a straight line to guide the work and follow that line by piecing together the hardwood planks and nailing them down.

Longevity. Hardwood floors can last for a lifetime (or even longer) with proper care. Even if your floors get scratched or dull, you have the option of refinishing them without replacing every board. Plus, older, slightly worn boards can have a pleasing aesthetic.

Cleanliness. Anyone with allergies or pets understands why it’s important to clean floors completely and keep them tidy. Hardwood flooring doesn’t harbor bad smells or dust particles, in the same way that carpeting does, making it a better choice for health reasons.

Finishes. You can easily customize your rooms based on your finishing products. Opt for unfinished hardwood floors installation, for instance, and enjoy a rustic atmosphere. Use lacquered flooring, on the other hand, to add protection and create a shiny or matte look.

Value. Homes with hardwood flooring retain their value better than alternative flooring types, and your floors will never go out of style.

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Why Is Hardwood the Best Option for New Floors?