pre-finished hardwood floors, Bay Area hardwood floor installersHardwood floors rarely show scrapes and dents – even in high-traffic areas – and when used in the home, they are much more resistant to spills and stains. Even in the case of minor bruising, a little sanding and finish will most often do the trick, eliminating the need to replace your floor.

Pre-finished hardwood flooring is especially popular among homeowners today, and for several reasons. We’re going to examine some of the reasons why people love pre-finished hardwood.

Why pre-finished hardwood floors are in high demand among homeowners

1. Quick Installation

The main reason why this type of flooring material is ideal for homeowners is the fact that it is pre-processed by the manufacturer, and this includes sanding and finishing. During installation, the contractor is only required to nail it or glue it down. This greatly reduces the costs associated with unfinished hardwood floors Installation as well as the inconvenience of having an entire team of experts working on your property for days on end.

2. Factory-processed Hardwood Has Better Quality Finish

Pre-finished hardwood is treated with over half a dozen individual coats of aluminum oxide, which gives it better quality. This type of strong, lasting finish protects your floor against harsh elements and the usual spills and stains.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

In addition to toughness, pre-finished hardwood also has a more enhanced aesthetic display. When the finish is applied in the factory during production, the end product has more balanced and consistent appearance. Keep in mind that grain patterns and depths of colors are determined by the grade of the wood and not the quality of finish: however when compared to on-site finishing, pre-finished hardwood bears the mark of quality.

4. There Is No Waiting Period Following Installation

Pre-finished hardwood flooring doesn’t require any sanding and finishing following installation. This allows the owners to use it immediately without any waiting period. A typical unfinished floor requires on-site finishing and additional time to allow it to dry (this can also cause a discomfort to the owners due to the strong smell of finish).

5. It Comes With A Warranty

Because of the high standards used to create pre-finished hardwood floors, manufacturers expect it to last decades without losing its luster. As long as you keep the floor clean and protect it against harsh elements, it should survive many years and keep its beauty and toughness.

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5 Reasons Why pre-finished hardwood floors Are in high demand among home owners