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Which would you consider to be the best rooms in your home for hardwood floor installation? While it’s true that hardwood lasts decades with only a little maintenance, there are areas in the house where hardwood may not be ideal. It’s recommended that you take a few precautions starting with identifying the best location for installation. 

The best and worst rooms for hardwood floor installation

Here’s where to install hardwood floors:

Living room

Your living room is the social space where you meet and entertain your visitors. It’s also the best place to communicate style and preference, and the good thing about hardwood is that it can stand up to heavy traffic, and the occasional spill won’t cause any significant damage if promptly cleaned. To minimize the need for constant cleaning, place a doormat outside to trap dust particles and moisture as visitors enter your house.

Dining room

You can design your dining area to reflect a formal or casual tone, and with hardwood there are many ways to achieve this. Once you identify a flooring style that blends in with the rest of the room, the next step is to protect the hardwood finish – and there are different ways to protect your floor. Chairs and tables can cause serious friction on your hardwood floor and this is why many homeowners prefer to add soft pads to chair and table feet.

Home office space

It has been said that hardwood floors generate positive emotion, which in turn boosts productivity. To get the most out of this, install hardwood in your home office and see how that encourages efficiency and translates to higher output on your part.


To complement the floor, you may choose to add one or more comfy rug that adds a comfortable vibe. You can opt for prefinished hardwood floors installation if you want a more compact or unique design. This will go a long way toward creating a room in your house where you can go to read a book, to relax, or to watch your favorite show.

Master suite

This is the perfect space to personalize and add a touch of romance with rich, gentle floors. If you can include a matching rug, and control the amount of light entering the room, the floor will remain in good condition for longer.

Here are the worst rooms to install hardwood:

  • Bathroom: the main problem is water and moisture. Bathrooms are not the best places to install hardwood.
  • Laundry room: if it were possible to never spill detergents or leave wet clothes in the laundry room, then perhaps even hardwood would be considered for this space. However, much like bathrooms, laundry rooms aren’t ideal for hardwood due to moisture and humidity.

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