Whether you are upgrading from carpeting to hardwood, renovating a gorgeous old San Francisco loft, or simply comparison shopping in preparation for a mini renovation, you need to select the right flooring material for the job.

But what does that mean, exactly?

Absent the context of your job, budget, needs, and aesthetic purposes, the question of “what’s the best flooring material” is as meaningless as a question like “what’s the best car?” The smart rejoinder should be “what’s the best car for what?” Likewise, “what’s the best flooring material for what?” All that said, hardwood floors boast impressive properties that can be perfect for versatile types of work. Let’s look at these properties and custom-solve your flooring problems.

1. Durability

Depending on the woods you select, your maintenance scheme, humidity, wear and tear, etc, hardwood floors can last decades if not hundreds of years – longer than you will ever personally need to use your home!

2. Quality

Strong, pretty, durable hardwood floors can look just absolutely gorgeous. You can also embellish the flooring, personalize it, etc.

3. Great Investment

A National Wood Flooring Association survey recently found that homes that have wood houses sell for more money and sell faster than homes with other flooring types. After all, the neat, clean, and sumptuous aesthetic of hardwood floors appeals not just to you… but to most people.

4. Maintenance

Unlike carpeting, which can trap pollutants, allergens, dander, mites, dirt, dust, and stains, hardwood floors are far easier to maintain. And you need less equipment to do so.

5. Environmental benefits

Depending on the materials you use, the maintenance you employ, and other factors, hardwood floors can be a very “green” investment.

Getting customized help with your hardwood flooring needs

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The Elegance of Hardwood Flooring