-What is Cork Flooring? And Why Might You Choose It?-

A 2008 survey conducted by the American Institute of Architects Home Design found that cork flooring is becoming more popular with designers, homeowners, and even some business owners.


Cork Flooring History

Cork is a type of wood that most people associate with wine and pinup boards. Cork floors have a long history – dating back to early 1900s churches and libraries in the U.S.

Cork comes from the bark of the quercus suber tree; it is harvested by hand every nine years. More than three dozen colors of cork are available, and you can find cork flooring in squares, hexagons, and basically any other shape under the sun.

Eco-Friendly Cork Flooring

One of cork’s greatest advantages is its “eco-friendly” cache. The production process allows the cork oak trees to survive after the bark has been harvested. And since many cork floors are actually created from recycled cork, when you purchase a cork floor, you are actually preserving material instead of allowing old cork to rot away in a landfill.

Cork Flooring is Airy and Aesthetically Nice

The airy structure of the cork bark also appeals. As the president of WE Cork, Ann Wicander, notes, “cork… has 200 million closed air cells per cubic inch.” The result? Tremendous cushioning. It’s great for toddlers and others who are at-risk of falling, too.  Cork flooring also resists sound, insulates, and provides some resistance to fire.


Cork floors can fade if exposed to too much light, warp depending on humidity conditions, and tear and rip depending on traffic conditions and the degree of maintenance.

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What is Cork Flooring? And Why Might You Choose It?