–If you have been researching hardwood floor options, no doubt you’ve come across lots of articles that sing the praises of bamboo as a tremendously eco-friendly material. These are generally correct, but not necessarily so.


Bamboo is considered an eco-friendly option

Because bamboo flooring is technically a grass. Therefore, it regenerates in three to five years, far faster than typical timber. Horticulturists also believe that the harvesting bamboo can actually help improve growing conditions – much as carefully engineered, selective timber harvesting helps a forest grow. By removing old bamboo, more sunlight is allowed to reach the younger plants, helping stimulate and nurture the shoots.

Bamboo also has indirect environmental benefits.

When you install a hardwood floor, you don’t need to clean your floors as vigorously or as regularly as you might if you install carpeting. You could clean a bamboo floor with just a dry mop or broom; whereas you might need a more dramatic and potentially environmentally costly cleaning regimen if you go for carpeting.

Bamboo can also last a long time – 30 years or longer.

Depending on the construction job and care provided – and thus homeowners do not need to replace or refinish floors as often as they might otherwise. Any time you can avoid doing major construction, you save on environmental costs, including labor, machinery, pollution, debris created, etc.

Are you curious about bamboo floors?

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Why Is Bamboo Flooring So Eco-Friendly?
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